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yogurt + berries

Weekend breakfasts are always so much more enjoyable, aren't they? Or maybe it's just me, since getting up during the work week seems practically impossible. If I could actually wake up earlier, I might be able to have a more relaxed and leisurely morning before a busy day.

For now though, I have my weekends.



Remember my post on plant life? I finally found two little succulents I really love to decorate our shelving unit in the livingroom. This weekend I hope to also print some wedding photos to frame, and pick up a few little decorative items from the antique store. I'll have to share some pictures once we finally have that piece all spruced up. It's starting to look a little more lived in! It's really a process though, decorating your home, no?

Photos: My own.


happy weekend

This weekend finally looks promising for gorgeous Spring weather (18˚C people!), and it's an action-packed one at that. Tonight we have dinner at my best friend's house (where Scout will be joining us for her first doggy-date). Over the weekend we have her first training class (Grade 1!), dinner with my parents, a client meeting, and what will hopefully be the first of many home bbq's to come. I can't wait to feel the sun on my face, and the breeze of an open-sunroof... *bliss*.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend! I also thought i'd share some links... it's been an inspiring week!

1 | Loving the stunning home of Hanna Seabrook, of Gadabout Creative.
2 | My friend Kinga just opened her debut Etsy shops! Take a peek!
3 | This came in the mail this week (my iPhone is happy)...
4 | ...along with two Spring tees, in Sweet Mint and Heather Chrome.
5 | I'm shy with prints, but this is fabulous!
6 | A good lookin' blog, about an interesting (and uncommon) topic.
7 | In total "puppy fever" mode, any recommendations worth pinning?

Photo: Chance Co. - the perfect place for basic stripes!


a little life and colour

We only have one room redecorated in our home so far, that being the living room. It's been a slow process, but we plan on having the rest of the house painted later this year, along with putting up new trim. As you can imagine, being a designer, our home is mostly neutral tones of the softest greys and dark charcoal. I love it, but sometimes you do need a little bit of colour. Colour to me means decorative accessories, as well as the odd plant here and there. It'd be nice to pick out a few little succulents to decorate the shelves, and a tall fig leaf tree for the corner of the room. Just a little life to perk the place up a bit, hoping I can keep them alive!

Do you have a green-thumb? Any tips for the best surviving indoor plants? (I hate those "Mother-in-law Tongue" ones, or whatever they're called, lol)

Photos, clockwise: hikihiki (Flickr), Line Thit Klein via yvonne kone, Olivia Rae James



For the past little while I've been collecting photos here and there as inspiration for my new office. I've always admired the above image of Aerin Lauder's stunning space, with touches of gold and white, glass and mirrored surfaces. It's the perfect palette for a girly room done in the chicest way possible. I've also concluded it's my personal mission to find a chandelier just as gorgeous as this one – i'm obsessed. I'm so excited to finally get started on bringing this room together. Lots of good things to come!

1. Gilded Scissors | 2. Fresh Flowers | 3. Brass Pharmacy Lamp | 4. Personalized Pencils | 5. Signature Binder | 6. Business Card Holder | 7. Gold Pen | 8. Gold-edged Notecards 
| 9. Luxury Scent | 10. Gorgeous Lighting | 11. Stylish Clipboard | 12. Acrylic Tape Dispenser


beef bourguignon

I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, conquering Julia Child's beef bourguignon would be on it. It seems like a dish that one should try and cook at least once in their life.

I started off pretty much intimidated by the whole thing. Not gonna lie.

There's a lot of steps (well, to me), including two seperate recipes (though basic) for the mushrooms and the mini onions. Half way through peeling 18 of them I started to wonder whether or not they were worth it. (They were.)

From prep to plate it took about 4 1/2 hours. Julia's tips such as drying the beef with papers towels so it browns properly really made a difference. Step-by-step it all came together, in this delicious concoction of savory flavours only slow-cooking could possibly create. It was so, so good. Rick loved it, and there's plenty more for dinner tomorrow night. Well worth the wait!

I'm starting to think the Le Creuset oven is magic.

Note: I was going to include the recipe here, but it's easily found just by googling "Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon."


tea for three

This weekend my Mother and Aunt stopped by for tea and a little visit. On Friday I headed to the antique store and found a few of the cutest flowery teacups, and two double-tiered stands for sweets and sandwiches – major score. The tiered stands are so hard to find! I made sandwiches cut into little crustless triangles, mini quiche, salad, scones with butter and jam, and a custard fruit tart served with mimosas. And tea of course. I can only imagine what a wonderful tradition it must have been to take tea back in the day with all the appropriate silverware and bone china. There really was a utensil or dish for everything! So lovely.

How was your weekend?



After the holidays Winter always starts to seem long to me. So far the weather hasn't been too bad though (compared to my brother in Sylvan Lake, where a cool -20˚C is normal). A little floral prettiness indoors though, is a good reminder than eventually Spring is on the way.

For now i'm hibernating indoors, where I plan to read a few good books, learn to knit a scarf, and prepare our spare room for the perfect office. Rick is leaving me to my own devices, so I plan on creating a little girly, yet sophisticated space... cream walls, ivory curtains, lightly-coloured natural hues, a few antiques, and the perfect wooden desk. Hopefully I can create the look that lives inside my head. Execution is sometimes a challenge for me when it comes to decor. I want it to be an inspiring spot where I can finally work on some ideas i've had for the past while. I need that permanent area that lacks distraction in order to really "hunker down" and concentrate.

What about you? Do you have a corner of your home where you work from consistently? Or are you wherever your laptop takes you?

Also, if you have any inspiring boards of office spaces on Pinterest, please share! I'd love to follow along.



Lately there's been a lot of festiveness happening around our house. I've been trying my best to make it as cozy as possible, creating what I hope will be holiday traditions along the way. This past Sunday Rick and I headed out to Will's Christmas Tree Farm where we were wagoned out to a field of 8000 trees to have our pick! We both have never had a real tree at Christmas before so it was pretty exciting cutting down our first one (well, Rick did the cutting). We made it home with a beautiful Fraser Fir strapped to the roof of the car, where it cleared just a mere 6 inches from the ceiling of our livingroom. The scent of fresh pine is amazing, and somehow, it feels more like a "traditional" Christmas (whatever that is in my head). We decked it out in pretty white lights, popcorn strings, and glass ornaments in red, green and white, with a wooden star up top. Now i'm just keeping my eye out for vintage wooden ornaments to add each year – classic items that can hopefully be used for years to come.

Along with the tree there's been baking (shortbread and scones), extra tree limbs arching over windows, nutcrackers set out to keep watch, silver bells tied to doors, stockings hung, hot chocolate and marshmallows, Christmas movies with champagne in hand, roasted chestnuts, presents ready to wrap, and planning for Christmas Day (which will be at our house!).

I'd say December is shaping up pretty well. How have you been?


a new coat of paint...

It's been busy around here lately, trying to get some to-do's done before the holidays hit. Over the weekend we started painting the livingroom a deep, dark grey, along with removing old blinds, ripping out a decorative railing, and fixing our screen door. It's amazing how the small changes can make such a big difference. We can actually see our windows now, and it's slowly starting to look more like ours. I can't wait to have at least one room put together, so we can enjoy the cozy nights this winter. I'm feeling displaced at a time when i'd normally be "nesting" into the Winter season.

How are you getting ready for colder nights in?

Also, my thoughts go out to those affected by the recent hurricane in the States. I hadn't realized the extent of the damage until seeing some photos over the past few days. Hopefully everyone has power, a warm place to stay, and all the necessities soon!


end of summer...

Finally, some film back, after a little silence here on the blog. Fall is creeping in, with a noticeable difference in the evening light. The mornings are cooler, and there's been a dewy frost on the grass. I love this in-between time. All I want to do is shop for sweaters and leather boots, drink hot apple cider and bake the weekends away.

Last weekend I went to the local farmer's market in our new hometown. I hadn't been to this one before and it was amazing. So much less congested than the larger one in a nearby town. No tourists, no produce that was clearly not grown in Ontario (pineapple? really?). I picked up some of the last of this Summer's berry harvest and got to work freezing them for Fall smoothies. I wish I knew how to can things though. I feel like it might be easier than I think, but I kind of want to learn from someone who's experienced, or take a little preserving class. A Summer goal for next year I suppose.

 I'm looking forward to Fall and trying to cook more with the season. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Visiting the farmer's market each week and cooking with what's available. Cozy, home-cooked meals. Keeping the basics on-hand like olive oil, rice, barley, beans, and quinoa. I have plans for organizing our pantry this weekend with everything labelled in tidy glass jars. You know, amongst designing, printing and trimming all our wedding stationery, finishing the seating arrangement, and making a day-of schedule, lol. No problem, right?

Are you ready for the Fall season?


getting settled...

Rick and I finally ordered some livingroom furniture, but as we wait for it to arrive (we had no idea about the whole 8-10 weeks thing, ugh...), all we have set up for now is this wonderful bed from West Elm. I love the soft, tufted headboard to lean back on while reading a book, or catching up on blog reading. My old bedroom furniture had a hard back, which meant propping up a whole bunch of pillows every time.

Funnily enough, the wall colour in in the photo is actually what I would like it to be, compared to the current greenish-beige. I'm now on the hunt for the perfect shade of grey paint... i'd love any recommendations if you have them! I'm also keeping an eye out for some lovely bedding, probably a mix of dark and light greys, along with white of course. I think Rick is concerned that it's going to be neutral city in here, but once we get side tables, accessories, and some framed prints going, it should all (hopefully) come together.

I also desperately want to re-stain the banister, and a similar railing that seperates our kitchen from the living area. It's the basic builder railing, oak with a glossy coating. I'm not a fan. I'm thinking sanding it down, and then restaining with a darker, espresso coloured stain, but i'm nervous to attempt it. I should probably do a little more research first, ha. Have any of you attempted to do this before on an oak railing? I'd love to hear about it.

Each little change feels like a step forward to making it our own. I like that.

Update: A lovely reader was asking about which headboard exactly that we have. We purchased the king-size "Diamond Tufted Headboard" in Dove Grey, which you can find here (In Canada we ordered it in from the store in Toronto).


our house...

As promised, a few photos I snapped last week of our house, that we're slowly but surely turning into a home. I love the light grey brick, our big backyard, and the quiet, friendly neighbourhood. Inside, rooms are still a little empty-looking as we search for furniture and make plans for painting, tiling, and plenty of other little fixes. I have so many ideas, and tons of inspiration ready to use for decorating, but all good things in time I suppose. I can't wait for it to be more "us" though. There's so much potential!

*Note: I find it funny that my last post was about eggo waffles, and we live on Waffler street. Much to my dismay Rick is not down for a "waffle" house warming party.



Summer is in full swing around here, with super hot weather and weekend adventures. We've slowly been moving things into the house, getting ourselves setup and a little more organized as each day comes. (This post comes courtesy of the neighbour's free wifi and one of two camping chairs Rick set up in the livingroom area.) Eventually it'll all come together.

The rest of July is jam-packed with wedding-related events and get togethers with friends, a family picnic and hopefully lots of great Summer food!

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?


from father's day...

One of the downsides to shooting film is that "holiday" type photos are often blogged about late. Ah well. Even though Father's Day was a few weeks ago, I had to post a couple of shots I took that day.

When I asked my Dad what he'd like for Father's Day, he replied with "R/C helicopter". I thought he was joking, but it turns out he was serious. Better than another cliché tie, right? He only sticks to the backyard for now, as "he's not good enough yet" for the neighbours to see him flying it, lol. I also love that I finally found a soccer-themed card. Letterpress printed with a worn-in look in all the right places, I immediately scooped it up back in May, when every other card was all about golf, golf, golf (yawn...). I like that the illustration has a very "Flinstone" feel to it, know what I mean?


moving on...

Hello everyone... Sorry for the lack of post, it's amazing how busy moving can get! Friday went well with everything moved into our new house, along with lots of cleaning, a little unpacking, and fixing things up over the long weekend. I am beyond excited that we finally have our house! I can't wait to start making it our home and sprucing things up. It feels like a wonderful step forward and a new adventure for Rick and I to share. At the moment i'm at my parents house (pictured above) until Rick and I finish up a few last minute things at the house and officially move in at the end of the week. I of course snapped a few pics of the new place and can't wait to share them here once the film is developed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day over the long weekend and a Happy July 4th for those celebrating tomorrow! It's officially Summer!


morning light...

I love the patterns dusty morning light creates. I find i'm always looking for it to photograph now.


don't look at me...

Miley's been doing a lot of sulking lately (when she's not trying to climb up my leg for attention). All her regular spots to hang out have been packed or sold. She now either lays in her bed, staring at me like it's the most uncomfortable thing in the world, or she sits on a folded blanket in the middle of the room, like the flooring surrounding her is icy cold water. Siamese cats are such nutcases.



Lately i've been wading through piles of boxes, getting caught up in all the dust that suddenly appears when you clear everything out. The place is looking more and more empty though – just 10 more days. The view is beautiful here, and i'll miss the little italian grocer beneath the lofts, but it never really felt like home. I'm ready to move on out of here!

I learned a pretty neat tip from a co-worker today that I thought I'd share here... being a graphic designer I have a tendency to shy away from colour and become quite paralyzed when it comes to committing to decor. There's just too many options and I get bored fast! We were talking about paint colours and how she also finds it hard to commit, but then she tried out this trick...

Pick your neutral grey or cream that you love for the walls, and then take every paint chip at the store that has the same "match symbol" (you know how paint brands all do that to help you match colours? could be all stars, or all flowers?). Keep those paint chips with you in your wallet or purse, and when you're out buying furniture or decor you can match the colour to your batch of paint chips and then you'll always know that everything you pick out will have a good "flow" within your home. I love how well that would help to narrow down my choices, and also prevent me from picking up something that I thought was great in store, but hate when I get it home. Isn't that a neat idea?


getting moving...

I've been counting down the last couple weeks till I move with a lot of last minute errands and running around. I had yet to pack at all, up until recently when I suddenly panicked, realizing I had to get started as soon as possible. It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates in such a small space, but I love clearing out all the unnecessary clutter and items I can give away. Feels good.

Miley of course if super helpful with her thorough quality check of each box. She knows something's up.

P.S. I finally had time to shoot some film, and can't wait to get it developed to share here! After a little stint of shots from my digital camera I realized I truly do love film more, and will be doing a little thinking into what I want to shoot next.