i've moved!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the New Year's silence over here. I've been working on a new project! Now that everything is (somewhat) organized, I'm excited to share that I have a new home for my blog...

I decided just before the New Year that I really wanted to combine both my business and my blog in one convenient spot. I've been wanting to share more of my work, but it didn't quite feel right over here. I'm on too many social platforms and really wanted to just combine everything into one. I'll still be posting about my day to day and life's exciting moments, but with more focus and more often!

I realize how annoying it is when someone switches up URLs on you, but I would love if you'd follow along my new blog! I am ever so grateful to those who have been stopping by here for as long as you have. The blogger world is always changing, and this change feels right. Plus, it makes my life a whole lot easier. One site!

See you on the other side, and thank you!