chill in the air

Yes, it's still Fall, and yes, I'm still desperately clinging to the idea that another 20˚C day might happen. The cold has set in though, and you can start to feel November's chill creeping in. I'm very much regretting my choice of dress without tights today.

Halloween is just a few days away and I am really looking forward to all the kiddos coming to the door. I love seeing all their costumes and letting them pick out their own choice of candy. I haven't decided yet what i'll be dressing up as, though at a Halloween party this past weekend I was a robber, and naturally Rick was the cop, ha! But I might go as a ballerina, I already have half the "costume" from my recreational ballet classes, all I need is a fun tutu. And yes, i'm an adult, but who says we can't still dress up once a year? All in good fun, no? (Sans the slutty costumes.)

I'd love to know, are you dressing up this Thursday? Or leaving the costume changes to the children?


fall tradition

Fall always begins with plenty of pumpkins decorating my home. Even when I was living in an apartment, I still picked out, carved, and placed a few light pumpkins to flicker in the window on Halloween night. It's just not the same without them. I love going out to the farm – never the grocery store – and picking out a few special ones.

This year we seriously lucked out, and just so happened to stumble across the most amazing pumpkin farm. They had so many different varieties – plenty I'd never even seen before. It was hard not to spend a fortune, as we wheel-barrowed our treasures to the trunk of our car.

Funnily enough, i'm not one for most pumpkin-flavoured foods though. Pumpkin-spiced latte's leave me with a terrible after-taste, and i'd rather apple over pumpkin pie. I do enjoy pumpkin spiced bread though, this being my favourite recipe, but I like to leave the pumpkins to decorating only.

How do you traditional celebrate the Fall season? I'd love to know!

P.S. It's currently snowing. Hoping it's just a mean trick by Mother Nature, and that Fall isn't actually over already!


objects of affection

I firmly believe that texture can make a big difference in the quality of an item, turning something rather ordinary into a little luxury of sorts. Soft linen, pure beeswax, a smooth wooden bowl... all beautifully handmade items that can make dining on an ordinary day feel a little more special. And with the colder months to come spent cozying up indoors, a little luxury can go a long way, don't you think?

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this month

Oh October, you've become one of my very favourite months these past few years. Bittersweet, before the coldness of Winter kicks in, but the light is perfect and the weather is practically perfection. You're crisp and cozy all at the same time. Baking starts up again and I start wishing I was an expert knitter. I'm outside more, frolicking in the leaves and soaking up every last drop of the sunshine.

"This month" comes a little late, given I was on vacation, but there's still lots to look forward to... Halloween fun, mini Kit Kats, fall foliage, and some updates to our home. It's a good month.

How's your October so far?


a little more north

During the first week of our vacation, Rick and I headed up North to his Uncle's place on Georgian Bay. He built a beautiful holiday home right on the water in a little town near Collingwood – a major ski destination for those in Ontario. During the off-season, it's a gorgeous retreat away from the everyday. It's quiet and tucked back amongst towering trees and the backyard is essentially the view of the water pictured above. Depending on the time of day and the weather, sometimes the water would be right by the house, and others, back by the rocky edge before it gets too deep. I find it fascinating that the tides can change so quickly. It made for some great exploring. The weather was perfect, and on our last day, it was cool enough to light a fire indoors. The back of the house was designed with huge 2-story windows (which you see in photo 11) so you can see the water from nearly anywhere in the house. It was the perfect view to wake up to each morning! Just being near the water makes you feel a hundred times more relaxed. During the day we visited nearby towns, had breakfast at the bakery, and enjoyed some pretty amazing dinners. I can't wait to visit again when it's cold and snowy outside – I have some severe fireplace envy now. Would it be too much to knock down a wall in our house to build one?Sometimes I forget how beautiful Ontario can be. You get used to seeing blogger's photos from Paris or Rome, or pretty little towns in the States with deep rooted history, that it's hard to think of Ontario as beautiful. We're so used to it. We may not have the history, but we definitely have the land. Just 3 hours North, and we can vacation on the water and the mountains. A perfect little getaway.


hello again

Well, hello there! It's been a while. I've been happily enjoying my time off this beautiful October, celebrating our anniversary, taking to the water, and relaxing at home. It's been wonderful. Both my husband and I needed a break away from everyday life, to just focus on having some fun and taking things at our own pace. It's felt long, which is always a successful vacation in my mind. Monday is Thanksgiving, and then... back to work, I suppose.

But i'm not back yet, and I wanted to share some photos from our time off. If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen some photos here and there. Before heading up North to our little getaway on Georgian Bay we went on a few day trips, one being with Scout to Port Dover, a little beach town less than an hour away. It's the best place to grab a "Arbour" (hot)dog and fries, and walk along the shore. Anywhere near the water is just perfection, don't you think? It's a breath of fresh air and completely satisfying. Scout had a great time too, soaking her taped ears in the water, jumping back and forth after her ball with Rick. Sometimes it feels like were taking a "toddler" out for a day trip, lol. (Dog-crazy lady right?) Well, she sleep in the backseat on the way home, happy and exhausted, just like a little kid anyway. Before heading up North, we also dug a rose garden, picked out our pumpkins, and went to Applefest... all in good Fall fun.

Hope you're doing well! I'd love to hear how your October is shaping up so far?