thoughts on blogging

Let's get honest for a moment...

Lately, I haven't been that motivated to continue with regular posting. The blogging world, and the instagram world for that matter, has all become a little overwhelming. There's just so many blogs and so much (that I choose) to keep up with, i'm not really sure what's worth adding to all that noise. Some of it is great – don't get me wrong – I have a list of very favourite blogs I truly love to read and would be sad to see go, but some of it (and I know you know what i'm talking about) is all very staged and just a little too perfect. Blogs are starting to feel like magazines, and I took to blogging originally because I was interested in other people's real-life individual style, experiences and opinions. Besides my few favourites, I feel like we've lost that side of things. All the talk about blogging conferences, ad space, assistants, photoshoots and editorial calendars makes my head spin. I get blogging for business, but I don't know... is it still "real" in that case? And don't even get me started on the amount of completely unrelated PR email I receive each day (the other day I was addressed as "Dear bikini lover", ugh. How do you get off those lists?!).

I've been blogging for about 5 years now, and it's obvious the landscape has changed. I went from sharing inspiring pictures, to scanning and sharing photos from books and magazines, to running regular features and guest posts, and then switched to this space here so I could get back to something a little more personal with my own photography. I got more into film photography, which I feel was my most creative, but then cost and convenience got in the way and I've been floating along ever since. Then add the birth of Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc... the list goes on.

This is the thing though, I get all serious about it and then step back and realize... it's just a blog, lol. There's so much more going on in my life right now, that I probably don't need to be worrying about having a blog the way "everyone else" does. I would however, like to spark up more conversation with those of you who still do read (if anyone!), as to what you do like from this little space. I want to start talking and having a conversation again! Do you like the personal day-to-day stuff... or are regular features and planned photoshoots your thing? I'm curious. What are people really looking for in blogs these days? Or maybe, especially with the death of Google Reader, people aren't even reading as often as they once did... tell me, what are your thoughts on the ever-changing blog?


fields of lavender

This past weekend I visited two absolutely gorgeous lavender farms. It was threatening to thunderstorm all morning with dark clouds hanging overhead, but we decided to head out anyway. We were greeted with lemonade and shortbread spiked with tiny purple buds, and headed into the field to pick some of our own. The bees happily buzzed along, as we collected a few bouquets of dark and light purple blooms with a little bit of white. Tied with a satin ribbon, it's the perfect little bundle to take with you, not to mention the way it scents the inside of your car on the way home. Seriously amazing! It makes me wonder why I haven't already lined our backyard with rows of lavender.

I also bought a few sachets of loose, dry buds, which I plan of using in the bath. I mix epsom salts with a handful of lavender buds in a jar and scoop a little into the bath as i'm running the warm water. With a few drops of pure lavender oil, it's like your very own home-spa treatment. The best way to relax after a long day.

Lavender is only in bloom until the end of July (at least here) and then they harvest it all to create lavender oil and other products, so if you'd like to pick some of your own I'd try to get out over the next few weekends. It's become a much-loved Summer tradition of mine!

Have you picked your own lavender before?



On Canada Day this past Monday, Rick and I went to a nearby conservation area for a little picnic and a walk with Scout. It was an oddly cold for the 1st of July, but it was still just as fun to explore this new-to-us park. The area is set up for campers and picnics, with a boardwalk and other trails over the wetlands and deeper water. It's a gorgeous little spot just 15 mins from our house. It was such a relaxing day just walking around enjoying the outdoors... making me wish I had more time off this Summer to just take it easy. We'll have to plan more little day trips like this before Summer's end.


this month

Where does the time go? I know everyone says that each summer season, but seriously... how is it that summer flies by so quickly? It's already July and I almost missed "This Month's" list!

How is your summer so far? Have you been up to any adventures? Planning any trips? Enjoying your own backyard? So far we have a lot of typical summer fun checked off our list... evening fires, making s'mores, visiting the farmers market, having a picnic, eating outdoors... but I find myself wanting to have a big Summer soiree! I don't think we have the time for it, but i'm dreaming of a chic little garden party with signature cocktails and big bunches of hydrangeas. We love to entertain, but we're not quite set up for it yet. Next year I suppose.

This month we don't have too much planned. I'm off to Lavenderfest this weekend and looking forward to picking my own blooms. I usually dry it and then mix the little buds with epsom salts in a jar to use in the bath. Scout starts grade 2 training which is fun! Hopefully she finally learns to retrieve the ball and not take off with it, lol. I also have a desire to learn how to play tennis. I'm not sure i'd be any good, but a friend and I are thinking of learning just for fun. We'll see.

What have you been getting up to?