Summer has officially arrived, and just like that, it's 30˚C and humid out! I'm looking forward to getting up to some fun Summer-related adventures. I want to eat outdoors and read a little more in the sunshine, visit the farmer's market for our weekly shopping, and enjoy leisurely weekends just relaxing. Summer should be lived out slowly, so you can enjoy the time before the fall comes around again. If only we still had the Summers off like school children. I think we'd all be a little more relaxed. It all goes by too quickly when 9-5 is spent indoors...

What are you up to this Summer?


how to spoil your pup

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll note I posted a picture of homemade doggie treats that I made for Scout a couple weekends ago. She had just graduated her grade one training, so I thought i'd make something special! Sure, she has no idea what 'graduation' or the sentiment means, but she sure knows her treats and will whip out tricks before I even get one out of the jar, lol.

I adapted this recipe from a super cute book by Bubba Rose, which you can purchase here. It's full of great ideas to treat your pup and special recipes for the holidays. I used dog bone cookie cutters in two sizes, that were purchased from the Bulk Barn if you're looking for your own. Otherwise you could just use any ol' shape or simply cut squares with a knife (I might do this next time – much faster). Keep in mind these treats need to stay in the fridge, since they're fresh and more of a soft cookie. Scout LOVED these and i'm sure your pup will too! I packaged up some treats for friend's dogs (since there was no way Scout could eat that many in a week or so, lol), and was happy to hear that one so-called picky eater snapped these up in no time.

Apple Cinnamon Puppy Treats (wheat-free)

1 cup of oat flour
1 cup of brown rice flour
1/2 cup of oat bran (pictured above)
1 cup organic unsweetened apple sauce
2 tablespoons of honey
1 egg
1/2 cup water
Couple dashes of cinnamon

Now here comes the fun part... just mix together all the ingredients above and judge how your dough has come together. Too sticky? Add more flour. Too dry? Add more water. Just use rough amounts of each until you get a good consistency to roll and cut out cookies, without sticking or crumbling apart. I ended up using almost another cup of flour, and a little more oat bran. The great thing though, is that it doesn't matter what you add! Your pup will love the taste regardless. Easy, peasy. Do make sure to buy unsweetened apple sauce though. You don't want any extra sugars!

Hope your puppy likes them!

Note: The ingredients above were approved for dogs in the Bubba Rose Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook, so I was comfortable giving them to my own dog. If you're unsure, check with your vet on what ingredients are ok for your breed of dog to ingest.


field of daisies

Last week I went for an evening walk with Scout, only to stumble upon an entire field of daisies. It's neat how the season progresses with different flowers. First blooming trees, then plenty of lilac bushes, followed by wildflowers like the daisies above. Scout was eating them rather than just admiring, so I guess she also approves, lol. I picked a gigantic bunch for our kitchen table which to my surprise has lasted quite well. I'm hoping the field is still blooming when I need a new bunch. Sometimes picking wildflowers or cutting them from your own garden is so much more rewarding than a store-bought bouquet, don't you think?

What's blooming in your city?


from the weekend

Sometimes life can get busy, very busy. So much so, that trying to carve out time to relax is stressful in itself, therefore cancelling out the whole "trying to relax" part (and I don't even have kids!). The last couple of weeks have been busy with work, freelance, party planning, house stuff, pet stuff, and just trying to eat healthy. Oh yeah, and not getting enough sleep. I don't know about you, but sometimes it all morphs into this constant state of stress and worrying about the next thing on the list. This weekend I decided I needed to just chill.

So I spent the majority of Sunday learning to just relax. I read outside in the sunshine, drink in hand, pup running around the yard, casually putting in a load of laundry here and there – not racing to get it all done. Later that evening Rick built a fire and we made baked potatoes right in the coals and cooked sausages over top the grill – talk about slowing down! Two hours later we had the BEST dinner, and wound the night down sitting fireside with s'mores and the sunset, followed by a 10pm bedtime. I feel so much better today and hope I can keep it in the back of my mind to just slow the $#%! down. Ha! 

What about you? Do you have feelings of being rushed all the time? Do you think being online all the time contributes to that feeling (ironic to blog about)? How do you relax?


this month

This month started off with a bang, as we celebrated Rick's 30th birthday this past weekend! I've been planning a surprise since early this year and it was great to finally have it all come together. I threw him a birthday beer bash with all his friends, where they could try all different kinds of beers that I picked up. Sort of like a beer tasting event. It was a huge hit and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves! It's so fun planning big things like this, as it only happened once! I'm happy I was able to get all his friends together to celebrate.

The rest of June will hopefully be pretty low-key... summer BBQ and strawberry-vanilla twist cones, visiting with friends and getting out in the sunshine! Scout also finishes up Grade 1 of her training this month... complete with a graduation, lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how she progresses in Grade 2. We're also thinking of taking her for their 'Agility Fun Day'. Have you ever done that with your dog before? It's a series of jumps, ramps, and tubes they run and play through, the idea being as quick and correct as they can I believe. I feel like Scout would love it, considering her daily prancing around the backyard like a deer. We'll see how it goes, as Agility is the very last course of training that we can put her in for fun.

Hope your June is off to a great start though! Any plans for the Summer?