signs of spring

When sunglasses become a necessity. Perfect. Saturday.

Hope it's sunny where you are!

Photo: My own.


happy weekend

This weekend finally looks promising for gorgeous Spring weather (18˚C people!), and it's an action-packed one at that. Tonight we have dinner at my best friend's house (where Scout will be joining us for her first doggy-date). Over the weekend we have her first training class (Grade 1!), dinner with my parents, a client meeting, and what will hopefully be the first of many home bbq's to come. I can't wait to feel the sun on my face, and the breeze of an open-sunroof... *bliss*.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend! I also thought i'd share some links... it's been an inspiring week!

1 | Loving the stunning home of Hanna Seabrook, of Gadabout Creative.
2 | My friend Kinga just opened her debut Etsy shops! Take a peek!
3 | This came in the mail this week (my iPhone is happy)...
4 | ...along with two Spring tees, in Sweet Mint and Heather Chrome.
5 | I'm shy with prints, but this is fabulous!
6 | A good lookin' blog, about an interesting (and uncommon) topic.
7 | In total "puppy fever" mode, any recommendations worth pinning?

Photo: Chance Co. - the perfect place for basic stripes!


a little life and colour

We only have one room redecorated in our home so far, that being the living room. It's been a slow process, but we plan on having the rest of the house painted later this year, along with putting up new trim. As you can imagine, being a designer, our home is mostly neutral tones of the softest greys and dark charcoal. I love it, but sometimes you do need a little bit of colour. Colour to me means decorative accessories, as well as the odd plant here and there. It'd be nice to pick out a few little succulents to decorate the shelves, and a tall fig leaf tree for the corner of the room. Just a little life to perk the place up a bit, hoping I can keep them alive!

Do you have a green-thumb? Any tips for the best surviving indoor plants? (I hate those "Mother-in-law Tongue" ones, or whatever they're called, lol)

Photos, clockwise: hikihiki (Flickr), Line Thit Klein via yvonne kone, Olivia Rae James


a new addition

We have a new addition to the family!

In my last post, I genuinely thought we wouldn't get a new puppy until later this year. However, sometimes things have a way of working themselves out, and we found ourselves visiting with a family this past weekend that could no longer keep this little gal. It was hard to believe that we were driving home with a dog on Sunday evening! She's been fitting in well though, and keeping us on our toes! Plus, she's freaking adorable. We love her.

She's unbelievable sweet and cuddly, and has to be right by our side all the time. She knows a few commands, like sit and wait, but we've signed her up for professional training starting next week. Dobermans love to learn, so we're hoping she picks up on things quickly. She's obviously super excited to go walking and exploring all the time, so it'd be nice to have her not pulling on the leash at least!

Her ears have been cropped and have to be taped up for several months to allow the cartilage to heal so her ears will stand. I think every person we've come across when having her out with us has asked, "What's wrong with her ears?", hahaha. Poor puppy looks like a reindeer with all the medical tape (she's pictured above in between wrapping changes so her ears are floppy). We hope they'll be standing before this Fall.

For those of you who don't know, we also have a siamese cat named Miley. She's weary of this new "crazy thing" we let invade her home, but they're ok in the same room together just minding their own business, thank goodness! It'll take time for Miley to totally be comfortable, but so far, so good. Scout mostly just wants to lick her, lol.

You can expect to see more of the new pup around here in the future I'm sure. I'll try not to go too pet crazy though, ha! Thanks for all your lovely comments in my last post as well!



Rick and I are having some serious puppy fever lately. We've been talking about getting a dog for a while now, and after much more research and thinking about how we'd prepare for a new puppy, we're thinking we'd like to get one this Summer.

We're in love with the doberman – an intelligent, energetic, loyal breed, with a sweet temperament, contrary to popular belief. We've talked to a few people who've had dobermans in the past and the consensus is that they're one of the best breeds out there. People had so many good things to say about their dobermans. This video makes me laugh SO hard. I love the way the dobe sneaks up to play, and then immediately responds to its owner as he calls, "Sit!". The facial expressions of the pup are just hilarious, too funny.

I know it's not all fun and games all the time of course, and that there would be plenty of work and training involved, but i'm excited at the prospects of adding to our little family! (Luckily we've been told dobermans get along with cats, if not at first, with time).

I'd love to know, do you have a dog? A doberman? How do you like having a doggy in your life?

Photos: Products from Mungo & Maud – an adorable pet shop based in London, brought to my attention by Sarah! Puppy photo is actually a doberman pinscher mix but too cute nonetheless – via Your Dog Photos.

UPDATE: We actually JUST got a puppy! lol. Happened very quickly, will update with a post and pics soon :)


this month

This month isn't too action-packed around here, which is kind of nice every now and then. I'm sure our weekends will fill up as the month moves on, but i'm mostly looking forward to finally saying goodbye to Winter. Spring has been slow to appear this year, as i'm sure many of you can attest to, and i'm looking forward to opening the sunroof, seeing new buds emerge, shopping for a new trench, and doing some spring cleaning! I'm also on a little health-kick lately. I've joined a new fitness studio that has been so much fun so far (60+ classes to choose from!) and I'm aiming to also curb sugar this month (and thereafter) as best I can. Easter was my one last hurrah (goodbye caramilk bunnies)!

What are you most looking forward to this month? Any birthdays or other celebrations? I'd love to hear!