happy easter

I was thinking about dying some eggs this year in pastel hues, but when I opened my carton of eggs this week, nature already beat me to it. We get fresh, local (literally 10 mins down the road) eggs every couple of weeks and this batch had eggs in green, white, speckled brown, and one with a slightly pink tint. I love all the pastel hues that appear around this time of year. Not to mention all that chocolate! I've had my fair share of caramilk bunnies already.

Hope you've all had a lovely long weekend, and for those of you having Easter dinner today – enjoy! I'm off to a family get together as well. 

Happy Easter everyone!


birthday weekend

Today happens to be my birthday and it's the weekend. I'm so happy about how the two lined up this year. Rick and I headed to Sablétine this morning for the most delicious brunch – tomato zucchini quiche, cream of leek soup, a freshly baked croissant, and grapefruit spritzer. Sablétine is the closest i'll get to France for my birthday, and it was perfect! Definitely one of my favourite spots in the city. I of course couldn't leave without a treat, so I picked the rustic fruit tart and Rick had "une suprise" – a crunchy meringue shell filled with a vanilla cream and a tropical “surprise” centre. We think it was passion fruit, either way, so delicious.

We're off for a trail walk while the sun is still shining, and then it's dinner out and cake with the family!

Have a great weekend!


change of season

Happy first day of Spring everyone! 

While the season is usually met with images of pink blossoms and sunny, blue skies, Mother Nature didn't seem to get the memo around here. It's still cold and snowy, and ultimately, frustrating. This time last year it was 23˚C! I'm hoping the days of trench coats and ballets flats are just a wish away... the parka and boots have got to go!

What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

Photos, clockwise: Kristina (No Penny For Them), Dress Art, Leslie M K via Sacramento Street, Emerson Merrick 


swan lake

Swan Lake was just as good as I had hoped. So dramatic, and yet, made to look effortless. The principle dancer, being both the white and black swan, did an amazing job. There was a definite distinction between the two characters and her arms moved like water. I don't think I've seen another dancer move so smoothly. I had read something online that her Russian training adds to why she moves differently than other North American trained dancers. Whatever it is, it was a joy to watch. I practically held my breath during the famous scene where the black swan does a number of repetitive fouettés (this is a good example, although not the Jorgen Ballet) all in a row. I mean, crazy talent right?

Now, which ballet next?


all about paris

Why can't all buildings be this beautiful? Even in the dead of winter, the creamy hues of Parisian architecture remain absolutely gorgeous. I miss Paris. Every year, right around the beginning of Spring, my heart aches to be back in such inspiring surroundings. I loved it. I only had one short (very short) 4 day trip there, but it was all I imagined it would be – just magical.

Lately, i've been living vicariously through Carin Olsson's blog, "Paris In Four Months" where she documents her daily adventures in the "City of Lights". To say her blog is stunning is an understatement. Do yourself a favour, and pop on over for some serious eye candy.


little luxuries

This lipbalm is fantastic. Crème de Rose by Dior not only comes in the most adorable packaging ever (originally designed in the 60's), it soothes, plumps and hydrates, with the light scent of rose. I also love that unlike other pink lip balms that go on clear, this one really does have a nice light pink hue to it on your lips. Who wouldn't want to add such a pretty little pot to their handbag?

You can find Crème de Rose at larger Shopper Drug Marts with a cosmetics section. It's also available at Sephora.


our thank you's

Over the past couple of weeks, i've been writing all our thank you cards each night (over 140 of them!). Just something short and sweet, but a handwritten note nonetheless. It feels like the most appropriate way to thank everyone who celebrated with us last year. It was such an amazing day that so many people helped with, it's nice to "wrap" it all up. I know the typical thank you card photo has the couple looking at the camera, but Rick and I liked this one most of all. There's just something about the light and the green of the tree in the background that is just fits. It sums up a perfect day for us, and I like sending out something a little different! Hopefully our guests will be just as pleased with thank you cards arriving soon.

And there you have it, our last wedding "to-do" officially done... 2012 was a pretty great year!

Photo on card by  White Photographie


the art of baking

Over the weekend I tried my first recipe from the book Patisserie... a rich, buttery, chocolate tart that was absolutely delicious. There's something so satisfying about making such a decadent treat from scratch. Finely chopping squares of bittersweet chocolate and rolling out dough into the perfect circle is practically therapeutic. And the results? Well worth it. Even with all that butter. Yum.


this month

I've decided to started a little series called "This Month", where i'll share what i'm most looking forward to each month, including any fun plans for the weeks ahead. This month is all about anticipating Spring, indulging in fresh flowers, attending a few performances, and celebrating joyous occasions! It's shaping up to be a fun month!

What are you most looking forward to this March?