this month

Halloween has come and gone, and it was a fun one at that! I dressed up as a ballerina – easy since I had mostly everything but the tutu. We had about 50 or so kids drop by in the cutest and creative costumes. I love seeing what they all dress up as!

The night ended early though, as November decided to blow in hard and rainy, keeping me up most of the night. It's a blustery one out there, a sure sign of cold days to come. Now is the time I like to start creating a cozy home – bring out the blankets, flannel sheets, and multiple candles to light each evening. I detest the bitter cold, but there sure is something about hibernating indoors just before the holidays.

This month we have a couple of celebrations, get-togethers, and things to do around the house. I'm most looking forward to seeing Swan Lake next week, performed by the National Ballet. Tchaikovsky is one of my favourites, and there's nothing like the drama of Swan Lake.

What are you up to this month?


  1. November is always a wonderful month in our household: Thanksgiving, my husband's birthday, getting ready for Christmas, etc.

  2. Your November plans all sound great! I love Swan Lake very much. It is one of my favorite ballet pieces. I am really excited about this months as one of my really good friends is flying in for Thanksgiving and we will be doing a mini road-trip. Also looking forward the Thanksgiving dinner, end of the first semester and just getting back to crafting and exploring the city.


    Colette @Established In The Tropics

  3. The sun is shining here as we head into summer and yet I'm finding myself jealous of all you Northern Hemisphere bloggers and your evocative descriptions of autumn!

    I also wanted to send my thanks, Daniella - I have finally started a new blog (a column, and therefore quite a change!) and your inspirational words and kind comment earlier this year were one of my motivations to do so.

    Andrea (Reh) x

  4. A cookie exchange? That sounds about as close to perfection as you can get!

  5. Ohh I am dying to watch Swan Lake..only ever saw The Nutcracker when I lived in Toronto.

  6. I just love fall. This month is going to be crazy with Thanksgiving almost here and then we all know what comes after that :) I love this time of year though even if it does get crazy busy.