Fall has arrived. Officially, in four days. We had two days of 40 degree weather earlier this month, but then you could feel the shift in the air as we transitioned into a new season. I love it. Crisp mornings and warm, sunny days, where a light sweater and some driving mocs will do. It's getting darker in the evenings already, but the coziness is nice with the light coming through our back windows just so. I've already baked pumpkin spice bread, but looking forward to the multiple apple pies and slow-roasted dinners.

Along with the change in weather, there's been some excitement around here – my best friend is engaged! She called to tell me the big news from her trip in Vegas a few weeks ago, and silly me thought she was just calling to say hi (ha!). I am so excited for her, and to be the matron of honour! With their wedding planned for next year, I can't wait for all the festivities to come. It's going to be so much fun!

Rick and I are also gearing up for our long-awaited vacation. It's about time. After hearing about everyones else's summer vacations, i'm really looking forward to our fall getaway up North. It'll be nice to just relax and have time to disconnect from our regular schedule. By the time I go back to work, it'll be after Thanksgiving (Canadian). Where does the time go?

A few things I've been enjoying lately...

This book - If you like reading anything with "an American in Paris" type of subject, you will also love Lunch in Paris. It's a food memoir where the author explores the not only the great things about Paris, but the difficulties of permanently moving there. It's a fresh take, but still didn't quite spoil my dreamy delusions of the best place on earth.

This yarn - I want to buy all of Rebekka's hand-dyed beauties, but I should probably learn how to knit properly first before attempting to purchase all her stock. The colour are gorgeous!

This site - An interesting way to update your wardrobe (and do without the impulse buys).

This station - Ok, it's all things Parisian around here lately, but this new-to-me radio station is nice to listen to while working away.


  1. My husband and I leave for London (and then Paris) in just a few days! Finally! Haha! I am definitely going to give Lunch in Paris a read. Perhaps on our flight...

  2. i'm going to add that book to my reading list!