Summer has officially arrived, and just like that, it's 30˚C and humid out! I'm looking forward to getting up to some fun Summer-related adventures. I want to eat outdoors and read a little more in the sunshine, visit the farmer's market for our weekly shopping, and enjoy leisurely weekends just relaxing. Summer should be lived out slowly, so you can enjoy the time before the fall comes around again. If only we still had the Summers off like school children. I think we'd all be a little more relaxed. It all goes by too quickly when 9-5 is spent indoors...

What are you up to this Summer?


  1. I love your photos, they are all so pretty! Unfortunately I have tons of classes this summer, but I need to get out and go camping and do a little kayaking at least once!

  2. Thanks Alexandra! You should definitely try to fit a little break in there! ;) I've never tried kayaking before... i've always gone canoeing!

  3. Summers should always be spend outdoors!