saturday + a little update

Ahh the weekend... and a long one at that! This Saturday morning consisted of tea and little Paris Vogue. I'll admit I can't read most of it (it's my one motivation to learn more French), but the gorgeous photoshoots and sophisticated design beats American Vogue for me every time.

That's not all that's happening this weekend though. Remember that hard deadline I made? Well it's 8 days away now and i'm feeling a nervous excitement of sorts that gets stronger as each day goes by. I've been focused and moving forward, and it's all coming together quite well. My to-do list is getting smaller, my concepts finalized, and it feels good to finally be sharing it all soon.

So there's an end to all this mystery... i'll be officially launching this upcoming Tuesday so be sure to pop on by! I'm excited to share this online with you all, but also to make my mark locally. I'm looking forward to a little creative adventure...

Have a great long weekend!