little luxuries

Happy to report that Sunday's bridal show went amazingly well! I talked to so many brides-to-be, the majority with September weddings oddly enough (a good month!), and received a lot of great feedback on my work. It was nice to just put everything out there and see how it went. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with some new clients soon. With the busyness of it all though, I didn't have much time to take some good photos... next time!


On another note, lately I've been exploring all different kinds of french skincare brands. It all started with an article I came across about the best french pharmacie products, and quickly developed into an obsession to track down at least a couple of the items mentioned over and over again in different articles. There's definitely quite a few cult favourites!

One in particular was NUXE dry oil. I've never tried a moisturizing oil in place of lotion before, but all I kept reading were positive reviews – and the reviews were right. This stuff is amazing! It goes on silky smooth and doesn't leave a greasy feeling, the scent is intoxicating (in a good way), and the best part, my skin feels moisturized and soft all day long. Something that rarely happens with regular lotion for me. I purchased the small bottle above, which will go a long way seeing as you don't need much each time you use it, but next time i'll be getting the larger bottle with the spray pump. I use it head to toe each day and a little in my hair when I blow dry it. It's definitely one of my favourites now too.

Nuxe Dry Oil | $26 – I found mine at Shoppers, but it's also available at The Bay and Amazon


  1. Hello...so pleased your bridal show launch went well. It's quite a buzz actually getting out and talking to real live genuine clients! Funny you should mention oil as that is the small business I started last year; blending natural facial and body oils! I am a convert too and the business is going strength to strength! I think when people try oil for the first time their whole impression of skincare changes; atleast it did for me. I wouldn't be without it now. But then I have a lifetime supply as I make it! Good luck, lovely sentiments in this post. Lou x

  2. Oh, the oil looks marvelous! I may have to try it. :) I typically use baby oil, but it definitely leaves my skin with a greasy feeling. Glad to hear that the bridal show went well!

  3. Great news that the bridal show went well!!...I also love that oil, I use it every day on damp skin after my bath or shower and it leaves my skin feeling so soft (and it smells divine!)...xv