off to tie the knot!

My oh my, it's been a while hasn't it? The past couple weeks have been so busy getting everything together for our wedding! Our last appointments are all over with, all stationery printed and ready to go, dresses picked up, and details organized... just some few last to-do's on the list for the final stretch. I can't wait to marry Rick. I keep saying it feels so surreal after planning for such a long time, but it's finally here!

Along with it, the beginning of Fall... the days are cooler and it's getting dark by 7pm already. These were the last of Summer blooms I picked up from the market a little while ago. Sunflowers seem so perfect for one last hurrah. I'm excited for Fall though. Being in our own home makes the nights that much more cozier. If only I could find which box my candles are in (still not fully unpacked, lol)...

This will probably be the only post for a week or two, as after the wedding we're off to Antigua for our honeymoon! Till then – Happy Fall everyone!


end of summer...

Finally, some film back, after a little silence here on the blog. Fall is creeping in, with a noticeable difference in the evening light. The mornings are cooler, and there's been a dewy frost on the grass. I love this in-between time. All I want to do is shop for sweaters and leather boots, drink hot apple cider and bake the weekends away.

Last weekend I went to the local farmer's market in our new hometown. I hadn't been to this one before and it was amazing. So much less congested than the larger one in a nearby town. No tourists, no produce that was clearly not grown in Ontario (pineapple? really?). I picked up some of the last of this Summer's berry harvest and got to work freezing them for Fall smoothies. I wish I knew how to can things though. I feel like it might be easier than I think, but I kind of want to learn from someone who's experienced, or take a little preserving class. A Summer goal for next year I suppose.

 I'm looking forward to Fall and trying to cook more with the season. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. Visiting the farmer's market each week and cooking with what's available. Cozy, home-cooked meals. Keeping the basics on-hand like olive oil, rice, barley, beans, and quinoa. I have plans for organizing our pantry this weekend with everything labelled in tidy glass jars. You know, amongst designing, printing and trimming all our wedding stationery, finishing the seating arrangement, and making a day-of schedule, lol. No problem, right?

Are you ready for the Fall season?