morning light...

I love the patterns dusty morning light creates. I find i'm always looking for it to photograph now.


don't look at me...

Miley's been doing a lot of sulking lately (when she's not trying to climb up my leg for attention). All her regular spots to hang out have been packed or sold. She now either lays in her bed, staring at me like it's the most uncomfortable thing in the world, or she sits on a folded blanket in the middle of the room, like the flooring surrounding her is icy cold water. Siamese cats are such nutcases.



Lately i've been wading through piles of boxes, getting caught up in all the dust that suddenly appears when you clear everything out. The place is looking more and more empty though – just 10 more days. The view is beautiful here, and i'll miss the little italian grocer beneath the lofts, but it never really felt like home. I'm ready to move on out of here!

I learned a pretty neat tip from a co-worker today that I thought I'd share here... being a graphic designer I have a tendency to shy away from colour and become quite paralyzed when it comes to committing to decor. There's just too many options and I get bored fast! We were talking about paint colours and how she also finds it hard to commit, but then she tried out this trick...

Pick your neutral grey or cream that you love for the walls, and then take every paint chip at the store that has the same "match symbol" (you know how paint brands all do that to help you match colours? could be all stars, or all flowers?). Keep those paint chips with you in your wallet or purse, and when you're out buying furniture or decor you can match the colour to your batch of paint chips and then you'll always know that everything you pick out will have a good "flow" within your home. I love how well that would help to narrow down my choices, and also prevent me from picking up something that I thought was great in store, but hate when I get it home. Isn't that a neat idea?


excuse me, may I take some photos?

There's this cute little bakery beneath the bauer lofts where I live that's also a part of a restaurant with the same name. I've been meaning to take some photos of the place before I move (it's amazing inside!), but keep losing the nerve to ask. Sometimes I feel like such a dork being like, "Excuse me, may I take some photos?", even though I know it'd be the perfect place for some pretty great shots. One time I tried to take a photo in another bakery, and a customer walked up to me and said, "Why would you take a photo of bread?", oh boy... To all you professionals out there, how do you just "get over it" and snap away?


getting moving...

I've been counting down the last couple weeks till I move with a lot of last minute errands and running around. I had yet to pack at all, up until recently when I suddenly panicked, realizing I had to get started as soon as possible. It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates in such a small space, but I love clearing out all the unnecessary clutter and items I can give away. Feels good.

Miley of course if super helpful with her thorough quality check of each box. She knows something's up.

P.S. I finally had time to shoot some film, and can't wait to get it developed to share here! After a little stint of shots from my digital camera I realized I truly do love film more, and will be doing a little thinking into what I want to shoot next.


grey skies...

Thunder, lightning, rain and hail just about sums up today. Summer storms are always the most exciting ones, dramatic and unpredictable. One minute it's sunny, and the next, dark, grey clouds are rolling in.

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. Don't you hate that? I feel like I haven't had anything interesting to photograph, even though there's been so much going on. I have all these ideas, but they're just sort of floating around. In three weeks we're moving though, and i'm sure there will be plenty of new things to discover and moments to photograph... I seriously can't wait.