wedding wednesday {no.18} + big news!

Also this past weekend, Rick and I had a chance to register for our wedding. I'm not going to lie... waltzing around 2 floors, crazy scanner gun in hand, checking off our ultimate home wish list was pretty awesome! We didn't go crazy of course (if you don't count the fact that Rick registered us for 33 white facecloths, lol), but it's nice to have an idea of the basics we both like and will eventually need. We picked out some pretty white dishes, glasses and flatware, knives and cutting boards, towels and linens, some barware, pans, a couple small appliances, and the ultimate wishlist items - Le Creuset in cobalt blue *sigh*...

So where are we going to put all this stuff? Well, in our new home! Finally, after 7 years of living in two different cities, after all the back and forth and late night drives, we purchased our first home right in the middle of where we both work. We looked at nearly 30 houses, all which didn't feel quite right until we found "the one". We instantly had this feeling of "Yep, this is home." I didn't want to leave the viewing that night! We quickly put in an offer (had a home inspection of course) and wrapped things up over just a couple of days, happy to see a "SOLD" sticker on the sales sign out front! I won't be sharing any pics quite yet (until we have those keys in our hands) but we move in June 28th, and you can bet i'll be sharing all the details then as we set up, decorate, and change a few things here and there to make it ours. I'm so excited!

Photo: My own, from film.


birthday weekend...

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posts around here. Last Friday, the 23rd, was my birthday and I ended up taking the day off to celebrate. I've been taking it pretty easy since! During the day I got a manicure with a girlfriend and later that evening I had dinner out and cake at my Grama's with my family. Rick took me out for dinner on Saturday, and then his Mother made me a birthday dinner on Sunday – so much food and cake all weekend! It was great though, relaxing and fun, just as birthdays should be.

Remember the Stitch & Hammer clutch I mentioned before? Well I decided to buy one after all as a treat for my birthday, and I received the sweetest note from Amy! How great is the packaging as well? I actually managed to wait from tearing it open until I could get home to snap a few pics. Too pretty not to share here on the blog...

Hope you are all doing well, another Spring weekend is halfway here!

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wedding "wednesday" {no.17}...

I know it's technically not Wednesday, and by the time you read this it'll probably be Friday, but my film came back late and I just had to share this little wedding update. A couple of weeks ago I had custom stamps made for Rick and I's save-the-dates and I love how they turned out! Aren't they fun? This shot is from our engagement photos, which I retouched to have a tiny bit of sepia tone to match the cream coloured envelopes we're using. I can't wait for our family and friends to receive them. I'm so curious who will notice them and who won't, ha!

I also managed to finally finish all 140 address labels. It took forever, but I love that everyone has a clean, elegant, custom made label that matches the save-the-date inside. The left side holds their mailing address, and then the right edge wraps around the back, which holds my parents return address. Two labels in one I guess you could say.

Once I have the cards and each envelope labelled i'll take a few more photos to share here on the blog. There's been a bit of a lull lately regarding wedding stuff, but as the weeks fly by i'm sure i'll have more to share.

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along a path...

During the lunch hour I like to get outside for a little bit of fresh air. It's nice to take a short walk and get a little quiet. Spring is the absolute best time to explore. There's quite a lot of paths around the area, like the one above that leads up a hill and opens up to a park. It's nicely hidden away beneath the trees... well, when there's leaves on them. I can't wait to see how Spring blooms along all these trails again.

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a lovely light blue...

It's been a while since i've shared any product or clothing here on the blog. To be honest, I haven't really been on the hunt for anything new since the beginning of Winter. Besides my leather boots and a repeat rotation of cozy sweaters i've been good.

But with Spring on it's way, i'm dreaming of some new shirts, lighter layers, and possibly a new clutch. It's all about that fresh start once Spring rolls around. If you're following me on Instagram (@daniellamz) you know i've been obsessing over blue skies lately, so when I saw the gorgeous lookbook of Stitch & Hammer, I had to share some photos. Isn't this perfect shade of blue? I love the light denim hue throughout.

I'm also seriously considering downsizing everything in my purse to fit in one of their clutches! Cute, right? I'm starting to find myself leaning towards more handcrafted products like this.


exploring & remembering...

Woods nearby explored... can't wait for buds on the branches and more green on the ground. Every conversation is about the weather right now, not because no one has anything else to talk about, but because we're right on the edge of finally saying goodbye to Winter. I think everyone is ready to shed some layers and spend more time outdoors.

The funny thing about this time of year is that it always brings this intense feeling for me to visit Scotland once again. There's something about the smell of Spring, that lightness in the air, that reminds me of Glasgow – the smell of the city as you first step out of the airport and into the parking lot, the smell of the detergent my Granny uses that lingers in her home, the smell of any magazine that's printed in the UK, and the smell of busy streets while out shopping away. It's weird how scent can bring back tons of memories. Scotland has a comforting feeling for me, it always feels like home any time i'm there.

I'm curious, does a certain scent ever remind you of a memory or place?

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a busy week...

A brand new week. This one is filled with to-do's, appointments, and a lot of time laying out save-the-date stickers. I have 140 addresses to go, but i'm determined to make them look great, rather than printing up quick template-like labels. I promise to show you the end results.

Toi from aprons and birds tagged me for a fun, little blogger sunshine award (thanks toi!). Below are my answers along with a couple of readers i've tagged to do the same (no pressure!).

Favorite colour: White/Lavender
Favourite animal: Anything with an adorable face
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Iced tea
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
Getting or giving presents: Both
Favorite flower: Tulips
Favorite pattern: Stripes
Passion: Travel, and dreaming of more travel
Favourite number: 13

I'd love to hear from Maggie, Faith, Andi, Joy, and Jo.

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March brings so many wonderful things...

Above zero temperatures,
daffodils and tulips,
leprechauns and pots of gold,
the first day of Spring,
Easter bunnies,
and birthday celebrations.

I'm mostly excited for warmer days, brighter skies, and trenches instead of winter coats.
What are you looking forward to?

Photos: My own, from film.