moving on...

Hello everyone... Sorry for the lack of post, it's amazing how busy moving can get! Friday went well with everything moved into our new house, along with lots of cleaning, a little unpacking, and fixing things up over the long weekend. I am beyond excited that we finally have our house! I can't wait to start making it our home and sprucing things up. It feels like a wonderful step forward and a new adventure for Rick and I to share. At the moment i'm at my parents house (pictured above) until Rick and I finish up a few last minute things at the house and officially move in at the end of the week. I of course snapped a few pics of the new place and can't wait to share them here once the film is developed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day over the long weekend and a Happy July 4th for those celebrating tomorrow! It's officially Summer!


  1. I love that you shoot film! Congratulations on the new house. It will be nice to start decorating it. Pinterest here we come. :))))

    1. Yes! I was using it, then went to digital for a bit. but like film way better! Thanks about the new house, I already have a few boards going for inspiration, lol!

  2. The house looks really peaceful. I love it.

  3. Loving the scene and ambiance the room gives.