from father's day...

One of the downsides to shooting film is that "holiday" type photos are often blogged about late. Ah well. Even though Father's Day was a few weeks ago, I had to post a couple of shots I took that day.

When I asked my Dad what he'd like for Father's Day, he replied with "R/C helicopter". I thought he was joking, but it turns out he was serious. Better than another cliché tie, right? He only sticks to the backyard for now, as "he's not good enough yet" for the neighbours to see him flying it, lol. I also love that I finally found a soccer-themed card. Letterpress printed with a worn-in look in all the right places, I immediately scooped it up back in May, when every other card was all about golf, golf, golf (yawn...). I like that the illustration has a very "Flinstone" feel to it, know what I mean?


  1. Oh, my gosh! My dad has an identical scar on his forearm. How weird.
    I'm with you on the Father's Day cards. They are verrrrrry limited.

    1. Oh really? That's from his heart by-pass surgery a few years ago. Did your Dad have the same operation?

    2. No. My dad's scar is from a basketball injury from high school. He fell and his bone went through his skin. Gross. But it's pretty interesting to see an arm look so much like my own dad's.

  2. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man! I like the card you picked out, too. :)

  3. Love this -- great card and sounds like a great time!