peach almond smoothie...

Goodmorning everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. It was a long one here, celebrating Victoria Day, and I spent the majority of my time relaxing and reading outdoors. The weather was surprisingly perfect as May 2-4 weekend is notorious for being freezing cold. It definitely marked the beginning of the Summer season!

I had my fair share of ice cream and bbq, so this morning I got back to making a delicious smoothie for breakfast. Unfortunately there wasn't too much in my fridge and freezer so this one was just made from what I had on hand...

A handful or so of frozen peaches 
Half a frozen banana 
1/2 a cup or so of almond milk 
Filtered water/Ice 
Some hemp and chia seeds

Here's hoping this short week goes by fast!


  1. Wow - this looks absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be trying this, although sadly, my 'to hand' ingredients don't come as fabulous as these!
    Paula xx

  2. I don't know what the ~internet etiquette~ for asking bloggers certain things is, but if I may, how did you edit that picture? The font on the picture looks so nice, and I wonder what program you used?

    Also, that smoothie sounds delicious!

  3. Peach and almond are two of my favorite things! This looks so delicious. I can't wait to try it!

    Danielle xo

  4. One of my best smoothies yet is a combo of peaches, banana, soy milk, honey, and a pile of fresh baby spinach. Now you've made me want a smoothie!

  5. This sounds so yummy + will be a fun switch up from my standard kale almond berry. (I think smoothies just be my most favourite thing!)

    So excited for you and the move + wedding coming up so quickly!

    1. Kale almond berry would be good too! Thanks about the move and our wedding, i'm so excited! It's going by fast!