catching up on kinfolk...

I love weekends without plans. It's been a cozy one indoors as the weather turned chilly these past couple days. It's still sunny and bright though, with lots of natural light flooding the room. I've finally been able to relax and read a little from the latest Kinfolk! I received the third volume weeks ago, but haven't had any time to look through it, getting too caught up in other to-do's. Now's the time on this lazy sunday, cup of tea in hand...

How's your weekend so far?

Photos: My own, digital from my iPhone


  1. Sounds lovely!

    I had a wonderful weekend too, my birthday weekend!

  2. I love kinfolk. I've been wanting to submit to them forever, their whole vibe just makes my brain ooze happy vibes. So earthy and wonderful! I'm glad you enjoy them as well :)

  3. it is lovely, isn't it?
    -jocee <3