exploring & remembering...

Woods nearby explored... can't wait for buds on the branches and more green on the ground. Every conversation is about the weather right now, not because no one has anything else to talk about, but because we're right on the edge of finally saying goodbye to Winter. I think everyone is ready to shed some layers and spend more time outdoors.

The funny thing about this time of year is that it always brings this intense feeling for me to visit Scotland once again. There's something about the smell of Spring, that lightness in the air, that reminds me of Glasgow – the smell of the city as you first step out of the airport and into the parking lot, the smell of the detergent my Granny uses that lingers in her home, the smell of any magazine that's printed in the UK, and the smell of busy streets while out shopping away. It's weird how scent can bring back tons of memories. Scotland has a comforting feeling for me, it always feels like home any time i'm there.

I'm curious, does a certain scent ever remind you of a memory or place?

Photos: My own, from film.


  1. I often pick up scents - though I couldn't tell you exactly what - that take me right back to the month I spent in Tahiti, almost ten years ago.

    Andrea x

  2. It wonderful to see the blue sky for days in a row, isn't it? There are certain flower scents that bring me back to Italy, to the Amalfi Coast where I spent part of my honeymoon, and every summer I want to return there. :)

  3. i can't quite remember what cologne my high-school boyfriend used to wear, but every time i smell it, it takes me back to that time.

  4. At the moment, freshness reminds me of California, and now I want to go back—just for a 4/5 day trip for some sunshine... but when I smell "wish" from Lollia, I want to go back to France :) Scotland would be fabulous to visit one day! I hope that you can visit with Rick in the near future...

  5. Amy b.s. - my high school boyfriend wore Curve and when I smell it I'm totally 16 again! Scents definitely bring you back to a time and place, just like music does.