along a path...

During the lunch hour I like to get outside for a little bit of fresh air. It's nice to take a short walk and get a little quiet. Spring is the absolute best time to explore. There's quite a lot of paths around the area, like the one above that leads up a hill and opens up to a park. It's nicely hidden away beneath the trees... well, when there's leaves on them. I can't wait to see how Spring blooms along all these trails again.

Photos: My own, from film


  1. You make everything look so beautiful- even stairs! I hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Daniella, your photos get more and more beautiful with each post.

    Andrea x

  3. Beautiful images. I love the feel of them, it makes me want to be there right now, sitting on that wooden deck & taking in the surroundings.

  4. It's wonderful to take the lunch break and be able to explore the natural surroundings. I often head to the park, it's nothing that calms me more. :)

  5. Yes, way to capture something so simple, so beautifully!

  6. Hello Daniella, I stumbled upon your blog by chance, and then looking under Spring I find these series of pictures that look amazingly like the Mont-Royal stairs in Montréal ! Is it ?


    1. Hi Emmanuelle! I wish! lol... It'd be nice to visit in Montreal, but these are just in St.Jacob's, Ontario... a tiny little town where I work.