so far, so good...

Since the beginning of the new year i've been following along with the Whole Living Action Plan, eating only fruits and veggies, and a lot of water with lemon. So far, it's been going pretty well! I've found it's nice to take the time to make delicious smoothies in the morning, lunch for the day, and healthy dinners in the evening. In fact, really, it's shocking that i've even up in the morning to make anything at all, lol. I'm a terrible morning person usually, but it's been a little bit easier lately. Slowing things down, exercising each day, and getting to bed on time has made a big difference. I've been watching a little less tv, and blogging a little less frequently (I hope you don't mind...), and it all seems to be a nice change. The Action Plan runs for 28 days, but I hope I can make some of these new habits more permanent ones.

How's your new year going so far?

Photo: My own, from film.


  1. this sounds great! i'm glad it's working for you. hoping to get onto something like this soon. i've recently become vegetarian so the next step is working on healthier and wholesome meals :)

    m x

  2. congratulations! I wholeheartedly considered starting this eating plan too... and then, just, didn't. I commend you for your efforts!!

  3. I thought about doing the plan also but did not. Have so much going on right now with my relocation to another state in a few weeks that just didn't. But congrats on making it so far. Maybe after I am done with the move I will start the plan.


  4. How awesome, so we're like whole living action plan fellas/friends.

    I began following the plan two days ago and I have to admit that I ate a lot of cookies yesterday.

    Which is not too bad because I figured there is always a second chances.

    What is your favourite recipe?
    I loooove kiwi banana and apple orange banana. Sooo good.
    For lunch I usually make myself something with vegetables and fruits. And for dinner I consider soup a very good choice.

    (the cookies were christmas cookies my grandma made just for me and my boyfriends and as he couldn't stop munchin on them I began to realize I better eat them now before they are all gone)


    Would love to hear from you and your progress.


  5. That sounds like a big change! I love fruits and vegetables... but how do you get enough protein with the diet? Kudos to you for undertaking these new eating habits!

  6. that is fantastic that you are following this healthy lifestyle! It sounds amazing!

  7. i may have to try this at some point.

  8. Well done, I don´t know if I´d be able to do it that strictly. Too fond of unhealthy things..! ;-)

  9. Happy New Year and well done on starting 2012 with a detox!
    I am about to embark on my first stint for the year and similar to you I did a post on it a few days ago. :)
    I try to do three to four rounds a year and I just love the benefits!

    Good luck and all health!

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  10. That's awesome! I am not a morning person either, but slowly getting better (thanks to a new coffee maker lol) I'm vegan so I generally eat very healthy, but I still admire detoxes (and the people who can follow through) and will try to do one soon.. keep up the good work!

  11. melynda - thanks! vegetarian is a great step too... there's lots of great veggie dishes!

    nancy - good news is you could start it anytime really! doesn't have to be first thing in the new year.

    Mariangie - Yes, this would maybe be a little hard to follow without having the time to prep some meals. I've liked that part of taking my time though... only wish the farmer's market was open for even fresher veggies!

    Jay - Glad to hear you're doing it! Too funny about the cookies, ah well! I had to pass on my Mom's bday cake jan.2 when the plan started, but oh well! i was better without the crazy sugar!

    Faith - The plan includes things like nuts and seeds, and surprisingly the veggie dishes are filling! I try not to worry about am I getting enough of this and that. You don't have to eat meat to get enough protein!

    Daily Cup of Couture - Thanks! I had whole grain toast the other day, so I ate that a little early, but that's ok. I'm having lots of veggie's and fruit otherwise!

    Amy - You should!

    Tinajo - I know, I know, I love sweet things too, but now i'm kind of thinking, do I really need all that sugar, or what will that processed food really do for me? I think after the 28-Days, i'll be looking up more healthier recipes for sweet treats.

    Charlotta - Happy New Year to you as well, glad to hear you're doing the same thing!

    Alpha Blonde - Thanks! I was vegan as well for about 5 months, but I found it difficult when visiting family or friends, it was much easily for me to be prepared when i was at home myself. This action plan has me thinking of new habits I can continue though, I think i'll be able to find a happy medium!

    Andi - Glad to hear it!

  12. You are my hero!

    The Whole Living Plan combined with the other one I have will start me off on Monday... wish me luck—I only hope to have the same willpower and strength as you :)

    On another note, it's so good to slow things down and take time to really live, sleep well, rest, all of those things. I look forward to being able to ride my bike on a regular basis again—the fresh air and exercise is so good for the mind and body, I find.

    Hope you are having a great Friday & that you have some lovely plans for the weekend...


  13. I had been hoping to do my own version of the Whole Living Action Plan, but then, I got sick. Hoping February will be a much better month!

    Andrea x

  14. Your blog is really beautiful.
    This is just the sort of plan I have been looking for, I want to live a more fulfilling life and live at a slower pace.
    Thank you for writing this :)

  15. It's so good to hear your plan is going well. Beautiful shot. I'm slowly finding a new routine and enjoying it this year.

  16. Sarah - Aw, thanks! lol... I'm no perfectionist at this though, lol... I did have a little bit of chocolate on the weekend. Good luck starting the plan! / Also, fresh air really does help, I like taking walks along the paths here sometimes...

    Andrea - Aw, feel better! And yes, you can totally start it during February!

    Love Live and Learn - Thank you! That's sweet of you. I was talking with gf's over the weekend and we agreed it's all about focusing on more of the important things and de-clutterting the rest, you know?

    Alexandria - Thanks! Glad your finding a new routine for this year... it's nice to "start fresh", eh?