in the details...

Even though it's heavy in my purse, and about as non-discreet as cameras can get nowadays, one of the things I love about bringing my camera along with me, is that I really look at the details of my surroundings. I tend to make a mental note to look around and see what beauty I can capture. It might also be considered distracting at times, but I love when I don't have to say, "Man, I really wish I had my camera with me!"

This is a ceiling moulding around a beautiful antique light in a shop my Mother and I visited on the weekend (more on that later). I love the craftsmanship and the amount of time it would have taken to create that much detail (assuming its an older piece). Stuff like this just doesn't exist these days (Can you say generic light cover? Awful).

Photo: My own, from film.


  1. the detailing of the leaf looks too good :)

    followed your writings and moments :) , hope u will follow back!


  2. I am also glad you bring camera with you every time because I like the pics you took. :)

  3. I have an ache in my shoulder pretty much constantly from carrying (at least) one camera around…. It's true, I seem to always be looking at the world in terms of picture taking!

  4. That is sooo pretty. The ceiling mouldings you can buy in a store don't even compare to this.

    I know the feeling when you wish you had your camera -- it's kind of awful!

  5. I agree, details are so much fun to photograph! This one is gorgeous! Great job!

  6. Its so very true. It hurts my heart that this sort of craft is quickly dying. I always think about whether people 100 years from now will ever go antiquing or thrifting to try to find something great from our time - I'm sad to admit that there isn't much these days!

  7. Great pics on your blog -- I was just wondering where you get your film developed and processed? Thanks.

  8. SreeBindu - Thanks! It does look pretty, eh?

    Puput - Aw, thanks!

    Suzie - Ha, yes, that happened on the weekend, but on my wrist, lol... I have a hand bag rather than a shoulder one. That camera is heavy!

    Victoria - It's so true, even the store bought ones just aren't the same!

    Kate - Thanks!

    Jacquelyn - What a good point, I mean, what will people find really? a whole bunch of non-working electronics I think!

    Hannah - Thanks! I just get it done at my local Shoppers for pretty cheap...

  9. Beautiful. And thanks for the encouragement to carry my camera with me more often :)

  10. Stunning! This is one of the things that I love most about being a photog -- all I see are the details.

  11. We have pressed-tin versions of these throughout our (my parents') house, a century old villa in New Zealand. The ceilings are my favourite part of this house!

    Andrea x

  12. My parents' house have the exact same plaster mouldings!

    Where did you take that photo?

  13. Sarah - How neat! I took this at a bridal shop in Waterdown, ON. It's a pretty old house they've set up for the shop.