for the love of film {no.6}...

Kicking off a brand new year, i'm excited to feature Toi of Aprons & Birds today. Toi always captures these soft, dreamy photos with her film photography, that just makes you want to pick up your camera and start shooting as well. I love the grain in her photos and a lot of her yummy looking food snapshots too. Needless to say it was hard to pick my favs! Check out Toi's answers to my questions below, and be sure to stop by her blog too... enjoy!

First off, what do you love the most about film photography?

There's so much to love about film photography. I love the grain, I love that it forces you to think whether it's worth it or not before taking a picture, I adore rewinding the film rolls. But what I love the most is when, a few days after, I go the the lab, open the envelope and find pictures of all these things I had forgotten. I smile every time.

What kind of camera(s) do you use? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?

I almost always shoot with a Nikon FM10. I love it, we've known each other for years. I also have a Zenit ET, but it's way to heavy for me to carry around all the time. Right now I'm shooting mostly with Lucky film, it's cheap and the tones are lovely.

What would you say inspires your style the most?

Most of my inspiration comes from everyday life and the things that surround me. Simple, ordinary moments that often go unnoticed or overlooked. The changing of the seasons, nature in all its forms. The books I read, too. And, of course, light.

How do you go about setting up the perfect shot? Do you have any photography "rules" that you keep in mind?

Always search for light and try to avoid shooting over f/5.6, those are my only two rules.

What would be your best tip for beginners?

Always carry a camera with you, play with your camera and experiment with all the film brands you can get your hands on. You need to try different things to see what you really like. And never forget that when shooting with film we only get a certain amount of photographs per roll. Watch with your eyes and your mind, open yourself up and see the world around you. After sometime you'll just feel it, that perfect moment to capture on film.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

Sally Mann, definitely. And Andrei Tarkovsky's polaroids, too, I love them.

What would be your dream location or subject to photograph?

I love trees and mountains and sadly live too afar, so probably that would be my dream location. The forests in Norway and Oregon, the mystical mountains of China and Japan, the cliffs in Ireland, all of Iceland and my beloved Andes Mountains. I tend to dream a lot.

And lastly, do you have a favourite photo you've shot so far?

Oh, they change almost every day! Right now I'd have to say this one:

I miss the mountains so much.

Thank you so much for participating Toi! I'd LOVE to shoot the forests out West as well.


  1. lovely feature!
    i've been a fan of toi for a while and it's was a sweet surprise to see this :)

  2. Stunning post. Stunning. Just became a follower, come visit me!

  3. I love these "for the love of film" posts so, so much! How do you find/choose photographers to feature? I would love to be contacted to be considered if you are ever looking. A lot of the work on my blog is commissioned and therefore digital to reduce turnaround time, but my heart really belongs to film.

  4. I agree -- always have a camera with you!!! Awesome shots. Love love love the light.