bursts of spring...

Snowing one day, +6 the next... our Winter weather has been pretty unpredictable so far. I keep mentioning it, but it's so odd for our January. The bursts of Spring sure are lovely though. It was so nice to enjoy a little sunshine today!

Yesterday on a chilly walk I came across a bucket of bird seed along the trail. After spilling a few handfuls in the snow, there was little tweeting birds, including a blue jay and a cardinal ducking in and out of the bushes, and two little squirrels with curious, sniffing noses – beyond cute. Standing especially still, they came within a couple feet, looking me up and down every time they took a few steps. I wouldn't trust the tall, looming figure with a fur (fake) trimmed hood either...

Photos: My own, from film


  1. Crazy weather here in TO lately! Walked outside for class today and was like "oh, hi not-january-weather" haha And I totally had a squirrel size me up the other day! Funniest thing ever haha

  2. haha....cute! I trust you got some sweet photos! wishing you a good week.

  3. it's the same over here!
    i do love the snow and sunshine together, everything is looking so beautiful!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. i know crazy crazy weather... there is a cherry tree blossoming on our street this week !!! seriously x
    lovely images x

  5. The weather is pretty crazy in TO! I put on my spring jacket today so I'm not complaining. Cute photos! I love finding paw prints in the snow.

  6. Hello! I just discovered your blog and I'm really loving all of your film photos + the interviews for your For the Love of Film series! It's great to be able to learn from other photographers :)

  7. It's spring here already, it's crazy! It's supposed to be in the 30's in Feb not 70's!!!

  8. Brittany - It's definitely warmer lately! I heard the groundhog predicted an early Spring! lol...

    Kinga - Ah, I wish! I only had my phone with me, but I was afraid they'd take off if I moved...

    Cheyenne - Yes, snow and sunshine does look better together!

    Nadine - What?! That must be beautiful! Hope you got some good pics!

    Farah - I should have snapped a few more while there was snow!

    Orchid - Glad you found me! Nice to hear you're enjoying the series...

    Andi- Crazy! I do enjoy the milder temps though, lol

  9. I love those little prints in the snow! And hasn't this winter been amazing? I hope that we can skate into March without any harsh weather!