wedding wednesday {no.13}...

A few Sundays ago I decided to have a trial run for make-up. I wasn't too keen on a lot of the make-up artists work that i'd seen so far... i'm very light and natural with my day-to-day look, using only mineral powder, blush, and mascara, so all the heavy layered-on looks just aren't my thing. I can have a bit of a dark under-eye though, so I was really hoping to work with a professional to brighten my eyes for the day!

To avoid a heavy layer of foundation we tried out a light layer using airbrushing. Has anyone ever tried this before? It was a little awkward at first. I felt like I couldn't inhale through my nose, just in case I breathed in make-up, lol, but the final result was nice. Plus, it felt like I wasn't wearing any make-up at all. With a little extra concealer under my eye, it all blended in really well. We also tried out fake lashes, just so I could see what they'd look like, but they're definitely not for me. No matter how perfect she lined my top lid I still felt like I could see the edge of them. I'm too much of a perfectionist to not have them completely blend in.

In the end a light layer of foundation, a little blush, mascara and some charcoal liner looked best. I'm kind of excited now to get all "dolled up" for the big day now. A hair trial is definitely in the future as well...

For those of you already married, did you have your make-up professionally done for the day? Any tips?

Photo: Hannah Michelle


for the love of film {no.3}...

Off to a slow start this week. I had plans for some other film "photoshoots" but the rainy weather decided otherwise... so jumping right in this Tuesday with a new "For the Love of Film" feature...

Azzari from The Sweet Light, definitely knows how to use light to her advantage. Her photos capture the simplest of moments in such a beautiful way. I love when a photographer can turn an inanimate object into an intriguing story. Be sure to check out her blog and her portfolio site called, Gabrielle Kai Photography, for plenty more gorgeous photos. It was hard to choose!

First off, what do you love the most about film photography?

I love the grain, the mood, and the authenticity of film. I feel like each image tells a story. The thing I love the most is how light is captured on film - for me, there is no digital substitute. I love the aspect of “you never know what you are going to get”. There’s always that possibility with film, and I love it. Film photography embodies the true essence of the art.

What kind of camera(s) do you use? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?

I use a manual Pentax K1000 film camera. My favorite film is Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Portra 400nc - which unfortunately, has been discontinued. I also use a Polaroid 680 Land camera, and Fuji Instax.

Your photos capture such beautiful elements that tell a much larger story. There's a real connection with each shot. What inspires your style the most?

I love knowing that the pictures I capture will live on much longer than me. I enjoy the fact that I’m not capturing what’s there, I’m capturing what I see – my perspective, my vision.

How do you go about setting up the perfect shot? Do you have any photography "rules" that you keep in mind?

No rules – just light. I’m always in search of it.

There’s a quote by George Eastman that that I try to embrace in my work –

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it.
But above all, know light.
Know it for all you are worth,
And you will know the key to photography.”

What would be your best tip for beginners?

Take photos everyday. Bring your camera with you. Shoot what feels right. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

What would be your dream location or subject to photograph?

I’d love capture more of Europe on film.

And lastly, do you have a favourite photo you've shot so far?

Definitely this photo – taken with my very first roll of film. The mood, the grain, the light – captured exactly how I felt at this moment.

Thanks so much for participating Azzari! I love the quote about light... so true!

Photos: By Azzari of The Sweet Light


coffee & magazines...

Over the weekend Rick and I grabbed some coffee and perused the magazines, as I shot some photos for Amanda's Shoot by Design course. I was hoping for more natural light, but it turned out to be a rather dull day, hence the yellowish hue from overhead fluorescents. I like the cozy factor that transferred well to film though.

The other day the cashier at Chapters (bookstore) asked if I had a rewards card, and then said "Oh you probably have one, I see you here all the time." Not sure if it's a good thing, but a coffee and books addiction is fine by me. I mean, it's practically necessary during the Winter time, don't you think?

Photos: My own, from film

wedding wednesday {no.12}...

For this week's Wedding Wednesday I had to share that I've happily found and booked our videographer! I'd been having the hardest time ever finding someone we liked. A lot of wedding videos these days can come off as badly-timed music videos, or on the other side of the scale, super expensive, yet amazing productions (and really, well worth the price of those talented individuals). But, as our budget allowed for something more in the middle, I was beyond excited to discover Enns Visuals via Style Me Pretty, who works with Nataschia Wielink Photography.

Last weekend my Mother and I went out to visit Nataschia for a consultation and I immediately wanted to book. Their wedding videos are all about the story, the couple, and the magic of the day. You can hear the audio over beautiful ambient music, and the shots are cut together in an intriguing, more creative way. Finally a cinematographer who's vision I totally admire!

If you haven't already checked it out, be sure to watch "Matt & Lindsey's" beautiful video above...


for the love of film {no.2}...

Today i'm excited to add Alexandria of Little Postcards to the series, as her photos capture so many different aspects of nature, each with stunning detail. They're the type of shots that just make me want to spend all my time outdoors exploring. It was hard to choose, but above are just a few of my favourite photos, and the answers to my questions below... enjoy!

First off, what kind of camera(s) do you use? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?

I use a Pentax K1000, Polaroid Mio, Holga, Polaroid Spectra, and Polaroid Land Camera 340. I love Kodak Portra 400 film as well as Fuji Instant Film.

Your photos capture so many different aspects of nature, like the water, trees, flowers, and the sky... what inspires you the most?

Simpy put, inspiration for me hits when I'm doing things. I often feel inspired when shooting film while walking or exploring.

How do you go about setting up the perfect shot? Do you have any photography "rules" that you keep in mind?

I find it handy to check my light meter often, but honestly sometimes the imperfections that happen with shooting film turn into something quite extraordinary. To me photographs are mostly about feeling. I watch and observe a lot around me and as I do this, a shot will become apparent. It's best to not force anything, but rather enjoy the moments you're in and the photographs will come.

What would be your best tip for beginners?

Have fun with the process and shoot a lot. Don't get mixed up in what others think or self-criticize. If you love it, keep going.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

This is a great question. I am fond of photography by Uta Barth, Joel Meyerowitz, Jen Korff, Brian W. Ferry, André Kertész, Mikael Kennedy, Youngna Park, Jonathan Levitt, Xavier Encinas, Toby Glanville, Johanna Wallin and Charlotte Bland.

What would be your dream location or subject to photograph?

I believe that wherever I am is a great place to shoot film. Traveling is something I adore, but that is not always possible. Finding magic in your own town is one of the best things ever.

And lastly, which is your favourite photo you've shot so far?

I'm not sure I have one particular favourite, but I do enjoy taking photographs of the ocean often. This particular one was taken in October at Cannon Beach, Oregon when a loved one took me there as a surprise trip. I love the memory and moment attached when I view this ocean scene.

Thank you so much for participating Alexandria!


catching up...

Lately it's been go, go, go and it's finally been catching up with me. Too many things going on at once and i'm pretty exhausted, and frankly stressed. I feel like a vacation day should be in my near future! It's funny how things can go smoothly even though you're doing a lot at once, and then suddenly one thing can just totally tip you out of balance. I tend to get discouraged when this happens... possibly also because i'm in need of more sleep, lol.

What do you do to de-stress?

Photos: My own, from film



It's starting to get cold enough for off and on flurries lately, which means most of the leaves are dried to a crisp on the ground. Fun to walk through though, as there's something satisfying about that crunching leaves sound, don't you think?

Note: Wedding Wednesday saved for next week...
Photo: My own, from film


for the love of film {no.1}...

Those of you who have been following for a while now know that my love for film photography has grown to a near obsession lately. There's something about that authentic, grainy photograph that makes almost any subject intriguing to me.

That's why i've decided to start a new series here on the blog called, "For the Love of Film", where i'll be interviewing my favourite photographers/bloggers who also enjoy shooting film. There's so much talent out there and a lot to learn! I hope these interviews will be helpful for you if you're considering shooting film, or that you'll just enjoy getting to know these talented individuals!

I'm delighted to kick off the series with one of my absolute favourite bloggers, Maggie of Folkloric. Maggie resides in Washington State, and always captures the most amazing moments in nature. Her photos have a certain magic that I just love, as well as a truly emotional quality. Above are just a few of my favourite photos (so hard to choose!), and below, an interview with Maggie herself... enjoy! And be sure to pop by her blog too.

First off, what kind of camera(s) do you use? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?

Most of my photos are taken with my Nikon FM film camera. I also use a Canon XS for digital shots and a vintage Minolta Autochord for when I have the chance to get medium-format developed. I do not have a favorite type of film—I need to experiment more.

Your photos capture such beautiful moments in nature. Where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you! I live in the Pacific Northwest, and while a sweeping panorama of the mountains or waters here can be stunning, I am most inspired by and drawn to photograph the smaller, more intimate scenes I find while out in nature. These details can feel like little secrets, and I treasure them because they seem like a way to turn a vast subject into something personal.

How do you go about setting up the perfect shot? Do you have any photography "rules" that you keep in mind?

I don’t really have any rules that I follow. I can get carried away taking shot after shot of gorgeous flowers in the summertime, changing leaves in the fall—I sometimes feel like this gets self-indulgent, so I try to be aware of that. I don’t want to just flatten something that is already beautiful by itself onto some film and call it a beautiful photograph—I try to think about what I am adding to the shot to make it my own.

What would be your best tip for beginners?

Give yourself permission to not take a photograph, if that makes any sense. When confronted with a stunning view, for example, sometimes I’ll feel guilty about not capturing it on film, even if I am not drawn to photograph the moment. Photograph things that make you feel like you have to take a picture, not that you should.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

Among many others, I love Eirik Johnson, Keith Carter, and Josef Sudek.

What would be your dream location or subject to photograph?

I don’t know! I don’t usually set out to photograph things—I make sure to bring my camera along as often as possible and particularly when I think a good moment might present itself, but for the most part I like to just see what I see. I do feel like much of the work I do now is tied to where I live, so I would love to explore someplace completely different, like the Deep South. Who knows what would come of that?

And lastly, which is your favourite photo you've shot so far?

I don’t have one.

Thanks so much Maggie for participating! I especially agree with your tip for beginners, it's important to think about what you really want to shoot. Especially with film!


rainy days...

Even on a dull, rainy day, the colour of the leaves in the Fall still brightens things a little. The past couple of weeks, when the leaves practically changed all at the same moment, seemed to fly right by! Where does the time go? Now they cover the ground, scattered across neighbours lawns and flying behind cars in the streets. Short-lived, but such a pretty season...

Hope you have a great Monday!

Photos: My own, from film.


tea & cookies...

Today marks two weeks of Amanda's Shoot by Design photography course that i'm currently taking, and i'm absolutely loving it! I'm particularly enjoying the creative side to the course content, as Amanda's lessons are truly inspiring. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a beginners photography course...

Tonight... it's tea, after a long week... and an appointment-filled weekend. Have a good one!

Photos: My own, from film



The other day, I came across this wild crabapple tree, just about bare, with tons of little apples strewn all over the ground. It looked oddly pretty, considering the cloudy, rainy day. I suspect even the animals don't like their sour taste though, since there were still so many still around. I have to keep in mind to visit again in the Spring, when the same bare branches will hopefully hold tons of pretty pink blooms instead...

Photos: My own, from film


wedding wednesday {no.11}...

This past Saturday I went to three different appointments with a few florists to talk about flowers for our wedding day. It was definitely worth visiting all three, as I certainly got a different vibe from each place, and a good idea regarding pricing.

For the bridesmaids' bouquets, my own, as well as our centrepieces, I'm looking for something very loose and elegantly gathered - not at all structured! I want the bouquets to be a hand-tied mix of white and cream blooms, with just a hint of lavender (colour). I'm also planning on including a lot of different greenery to keep them looking natural. Think romantic wildflowers... freshly picked from the garden... (you can see my Just Flowers inspiration board here).

The first place I went to was a little bit awkward. The florist didn't seem to warm up to us in the beginning, but as the conversation got rolling, things seemed to get better. They have a lot of experience in the area of our venue and seemed to really understand what I was looking for. I was a little hesitant though after learning that the mockup I'd see would be in silk flowers, not real ones. Not exactly how I was envisioning working with a florist...

The second appointment was disappointing. The woman who sat down with us was unfortunately quite rude. I thought it was pretty odd considering I'm there as potential business. I actually think I got an eye-roll when I asked to see the size of a vase she mentioned. Then she repeated three times that she was my wedding consultant (on commission?). She also didn't know our venue that well, and her price was double the amount as the other florists for the same thing! I immediately crossed her off the list...

The third appointment however, was a charm, as it was a last-minute consultation I scheduled on the way back to my hometown, and the one I officially booked! The gentleman was extremely friendly, showed me all different kinds of flowers I could incorporate, as well as what would be better options for the season. He listened to all my ideas and later in the Spring I'm able to book an appointment to come in a pick exactly what flowers I'd like. All in all, the appointment was a lot of fun and I'm feeling pretty confident about our choice!

And one more thing... he also arranged the flowers for my parent's wedding almost 30 years ago! Isn't it funny the way things work out sometimes?

Photo: My own, from film.


above & below...

Two things I often find myself taking photos of are tree tops and the forest floor. Not really sure why, except that I like capturing what's overhead and what we walk right by. Plus, how could you walk right by a pretty patch of pale green moss and not take a photo?

What do you often find yourself photographing?

Photos: My own, from film

shake and... make your own butter?

I came across this post over on Kinfolk, and i'm completely fascinated. Apparently with a small mason jar, cream, some salt, and a couple of marbles you can make butter. All you need to do is shake, shake, shake... I wonder how well it works?

Photo: Kinfolk


darker days...

This past Sunday the clocks went back one hour in an effort to "save" daylight, but considering it's pitch dark now after 5pm, I'm not too keen on the idea. Sure it's lighter in the morning, but wouldn't we all rather get home from work without the moon lighting our way? I know this happens every year, but I feel unprepared this time around for some reason... I still have candles in woodsy scents, a cozy tartan blanket, and the perfect pair of thick wooly socks to find. Evening hibernation at its best...

Photos: My own, from film
P.S. Playing around with the column width here on the blog, so I can start posting larger photos. Better I think, no?


golden afternoon...

Lately the afternoon light has been absolutely perfect. I captured these shots a few weeks ago, but was cursing myself for not having my camera with me earlier this morning. There was tons of white, glistening frost in the early morning light, and it was beyond pretty. *Sigh*, next time...

I hope you all have a great weekend, with lots of sunshine included...

Photos: My own, from film