wedding wednesday {no.14}...

Lately planning for our wedding has slowed down a bit. A lot has been booked, so we're happily ahead of schedule, which is nice. I've had people ask how the wedding plans are going so far, with an unintentional "It must be so much work" look, but it's been pretty great so far! I think if you both know what you want and if you start planning early, it's actually really enjoyable. As it should be! We hit a bit of an issue with the number of people on our guest list... a typical problem for many i'm sure, but it's all been worked out and now we just wait till the new year before having to really do anything else. It hit me yesterday though, that soon it will be 2012. Rick and I got engaged this past May and I just can't believe how time has flown by! I'm so glad i've been documenting the process here on the blog.

With that said, there is one thing I do need to start working on – our save-the-date cards. Being a graphic designer I think this part, the stationery, is practically harder than finding the dress. I've been going back and forth with a lot of ideas... Do I want to incorporate colour? Should I go with a more detailed, "flourishy" design or keep it simple? What paper should I use? What kind of envelopes? What fonts? etc... etc... the list goes on. The only I do know for sure is that the set will be letterpress printed. I think because I'm a designer that I think people will expect something spectacular, which is probably unnecessary pressure to put on myself. Simple and classic is my thing, and I think if I just stick to what I love, I hope i'll be able to figure out the rest. Now I just need to sit down and actually do it... yikes.


  1. We just got engaged last December and are getting married in October of 2012. We're in the same boat too - got all of the vendors reserved early, so now we're just kind of waiting. I'm not a graphic designer, but I made our save the dates. I hope they look okay :/ I would say even though you're a graphic designer, people will love whatever you send them because you're getting married!! :) And if you start to feel the crazy, I've been reading a blog called "A Practical Wedding" which really pulls me off the crazy train when I start to feel overwhelmed. I unsubscribed from every other wedding blog because I was on inspiration board overload. It's the only one I still read because it's story based, not design based. So if you start to feel pressure, check it out!

  2. you can't go wrong with simple and classic. amazing every time.

  3. sweet, I'm also planning my wedding at the moment, I don't know why people think it's such a tough thing to do. I think as long as we know what we want, we can all have it going easily and beautifully.

    Simple and classic is my favorite on the cards and invites ;)

    Bytheway, it's my first time reading your blog, loved it.

  4. Daniella, I'm sure they will be beautiful! Try not to fret too much. I can help you with the paper, don't worry about that. And we can take a trip to the Paper Place on Queen West to take a look at envelopes.. They have everything! It will totally give you ideas and you buy them cheaper online. I absolutely know the pressure of doing invites... I changed mine like a million times too. You still have time. :)


  5. It goes by SO quickly!!! I had our invites designed and I'm so crazy about them that I'm seriously contemplating getting a tattoo with the design haha.

  6. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Stick with what you love. Clean and simple always looks beautiful.

    Have I mentioned that your tiny snowflakes just make my day? I love them. Every single time I open up your blog, they make me smile.

  7. Stay classy, but have fun too! We sent out a stop-motion video for our save-the-dates, and the most awesome part turned out to be something that the guests never even saw: how fun it was to make the video together.

  8. aesethique - Yes! I'm subscribed to a lot of wedding blogs now too, lol. I'll have to check out that one! Thanks!

    Amy - Very true!

    Arsh - I agree, I think simple will be best for me... thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Amanda - I know! It's so hard to settle on a design, lol... I think I just need to get going on it, then hopefully it'll work out... at least it's just the save-the-date for now. I'm excited to have you print them though!!! I think i'm going to get started this weekend.

    Andi - lol, that's great that you liked them so much! That's awesome.

    Miz.November - Yeah, i think I just need to get started, and hopefully it'll all work out, haha... glad you like the snowflakes :) That was the intention!

    Sarah - That would be a fun idea too, definitely different for your guests! I'm a classic paper and and envelope girl though, lol...