tree farm...

I can hardly believe Christmas is this weekend. It came up so incredibly fast!

I thought i'd share a few more photos from my trip to the tree farm a few weeks ago, before the holiday completely passes by. I'm sure most people have trimmed their trees by now, fake or real. I finally brought up a mini tree of mine with twinkling lights for the loft. The extra little sparkle at night definitely adds a nice cozy element to my space.

Over the lunch hour today I went for a walk in the forest and finally clipped some winter greenery... pine, winter berries, fallen twigs and pinecones... all for wrapping Christmas gifts with kraft paper and twine. I can't wait to get started!

How are you wrapping gifts this year?

Photos: My own, from film


  1. This year to me has been the same: I can not believe that be Christmas. I think it may be that has barely been cold this winter ... and I haven't the feeling that smells like Christmas. I also love the extra sparkle that gives the tree in our living room, is so loving ... when Christmas ends I always feel sorry for having to remove it ...

  2. it is lovely to see a tee farm!
    sinc eit's not traditional where I'm from, as a kid i thought it was just 'a movie thing' :)

    i love the look of kraft paper and twine! i actually wrapped some gitfs just like that :)

  3. I've never seen a tree farm before! The smell must be amazing there.

  4. Lovely! I have some photos of my 1st Christmas tree farm visit still in my Rolliflex camera, but I need to finish up the roll! This Christmas tree farm is so wonderful! The photo of the man in the reflective vest & plaid hat seems almost staged (too perfect!)
    Your idea for decorating your gifts sound beautiful, hope there are photos of your wrapped presents coming soon. This year for me it's all about simple, red, white & green with ribbon.

    Merry Christmas! :)
    Enjoy the last few days leading up to Christmas!


  5. One year when i was little, my family picked out a Xmas tree from a farm. It was such a fun experience! Lovely photos!

  6. Just found you today through Silk & Grain, and will definitely be checking back!

  7. that is my favorite way to wrap gifts.

  8. I'm with ya! I went to Marlo Packaging last year and picked up a gigantic roll of Kraft paper that I use for everything in the studio and at this time of the year it becomes very helpful! And it's recycled paper and it can go in the recycling unlike those shiny plastic glittery kinds!

  9. I love your wee tree. What a treat to be able to visit a tree farm during this time of year. As for wrapping gifts, I adore using the inside of grocery bags and then using a bit of ribbon to tie around them.

  10. I love these pictures, they really capture the magic and quiet of winter. Although I could never cut down a tree, we always a hire a potted one and then after christmas it goes out to be planted for a long and healthy life. Don't know why I have the guilt complex! x


  11. Misislau - It hasn't been snowy where I am either... I think everyone thought there was still lots of time till the holidays! lol.

    Joana - Yes, I haven't been yet, planning on cutting one down next year, but it's definitely real!

    Andi - It was amazing... smelled so great!

    Karyn - Ooooh hope we get to see those soon! So funny, a couple of peole said they like "that man" but it's actually a woman! Too many layers on her I guess, hahaha. Your gift wrapping sounds lovely. Have a great Christmas!

    Melissa - seems like a great family tradition to carry out!

    Irntn - Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy - Simple and rustic :)

    Kinga - So true about the recycling, it works out well! Hope you have a great holiday :) We'll have to get together in the new year.

    Alexandria - What a neat concept for wrapping your gifts, i'd love to see some pics!

    Cheska - Thank you. Getting a potted tree to plant later is always a good idea too :)