snail mail...

Over the weekend I finally finished addressing all my holiday cards... well, postcards rather. I had been looking for the perfect card to send out, kicking myself for not ordering Rifle Paper Co. cards earlier in the season (I am obsessed), but then out of nowhere I came across a few packs of these Happy Holidays postcards by Rifle Paper Co., just sitting by themselves on the shelf of a bookstore. Fate? I think so! I love that this time of year brings all kinds of "snail mail"... so much fun to send and receive.

Do you mail out holiday cards?

Photos: My own, from film.
P.S. I just realized my post sounds like I found and took someone's cards, hahaha...
the store was selling these, I found out where the rest were stocked afterwards.


  1. I love Rifle Paper co! I sent out this design last year and didn't order any on time this year either :( Which store did you buy these from?
    p.s. Love the "snow" on your blog!

  2. I chose the same holiday cards to send out this year! I love them! Christmas cards (sending and recieving them)are one of my favorite things about the holidays :)

  3. I debated sending out holiday cards when I spotted these guys in Chapters! I was so excited to see they could be purchased in Toronto. I just didn't get my act together in time to get them out. Maybe next year!

  4. I bought a pack of Rifle Paper Co. Christmas cards as well! I've never sent out Christmas cards before, but now that I live so far away from my family, I'm definitely doing it this year. I wish I could afford to send them to everyone I know (I probably should've gotten postcards for that), but I'm just sending them to my grandparents, parents, brother, sister and future in-laws. I really really love them though and they came with gold envelopes so I used a silver sharpie to address them.

    PS. The snow is back! I always forget and then I see it on here! I'm off to find that same link now...

  5. Elena - I picked these up at Chapters a few weeks ago! Thanks about the snow too :)

    Jen - I just love this design, felt very... "natural" holiday to me, lol.

    Jacquelyn - That's where I got mine! I was so excited to see them in Canada. These were the only ones though, so I feel like they might have been last year's overstock, lol. Either way I love them! You still have time, I just mailed mine today...

    Andrea - Ooooh the gold envelopes sound lovely... it's always nice to receive a christmas card no matter how far away! I feel like there is going to be a lot of Rifle in the mail this year...

  6. Completely in love with these....fate? ummm heck yeah!

  7. Love Rifle designs, these ones are gorgeous.

    Yes I love sending out Christmas cards,

  8. Awesome choice.

    I have an idea for a card but alas I think I'm running out of time....

  9. These are beauties for sure. I too, send out cards in the mail during this time.

  10. These are wonderful, Daniella. Yes, I love hand-writing and sending out Christmas cards. xo

  11. Photo cards are the big thing around here these days. It's nice to get photos of all of you loved ones, but I miss the pretty cards covered in glitter and gilded letters.

    I can't complain, though. I don't even send Christmas cards.

  12. These are so beautiful!! We did family photo cards this year since it's the baby's first Christmas. We have a few more to mail out tonight and we are done!

  13. I love these cards!!! What a great idea to send a postcard too :) I'm also a huge fan of Paper Rifle Co. and did not know they are sold at Chapters (probably my favourite store ever!) I definitely think it was meant to be that you found them there, that's awesome!

    I sent out these Christmas cards; http://karynmckinnon.com/blog/?p=232 this year by Paper Lovely based in Omaha, Nebraska. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/paperlovelypress). I found her work on Etsy and I love the simplicity of her designs and that they are letterpress!

    A lot of people believe that with everyone online the tradition of sending out cards is dying but I don't think so because with all the pretty stationery how can one resist?! :)

    Merry Christmas Daniella!