natural decor...

I love this idea from Kinfolk for a little natural decor instead of glitz and glam for the holidays. I'm definitely feeling this look more and more each year, getting back to a more nostalgic Christmas I guess you could say. I really want to go and gather some pretty winter greenery now, but I might have to wait until I can take a hike through a forest path... I feel like if I start clipping in the park, people might not be so impressed. Ahh the joy of living out in the country (something I keep thinking about lately)... it'd be way easier to decorate then!


  1. I love the idea of more organic decorating. I have a post coming this week about embracing a more traditional and natural look as opposed to the store bought "glitz and glam"...lovely!

    And I'm with you on wanting to live in the country just so I can bring the outside in...

  2. Definitely prefer the natural decor, there's something so real and organic about it. You should just go and take clippings from the park, or wherever you can, other people might think what a good idea it is ;) x

  3. Aww, love the photo. P.S. I like the snow-flakes(??) effect on your blog. :)

  4. This is beautiful - made even more so by the lovely snow falling on your page...

    Andrea x

  5. Clipping in the park, ha ha...that's why my mission impossible happened in an empty foggy forest :D

  6. Tinajo - Me too!

    Kinga - We so need to get together! lol... we have so much to chat about!

    Cheska - Ha, true! I think i'm going to clip some stuff this weekend!

    LeeLee - Thanks! Yes, they're snowflakes! A little holiday cheer...

    Andrea - Thanks! I like the snow for a little holiday festiveness, lol...

    Alexandria - :)

    Katarina - Hahaha, yeah it'd be much easier in the privacy of the forest! lol