a moment...

You know that moment when you realize Fall is almost over, Winter is creeping in despite its official start date on the calendar, and you look up to see the moon and the nearly setting sun both in sky at the same time? This was one of those moments. See the tiny spec of white, up top, just beside the cloud? That's the moon, around 4pm. It was much more of an impressive, crisp, crescent shape in real life... but I love that it at least showed up on film, and what looks like a spec of cloud to some people, I know it was the moon while the sun was still up. Kind of neat...

Photo: My own, from film.


  1. What a truly beautiful picture - I've tried to capture that moment myself before, but it's never quite worked out as perfectly as yours has.

    Andrea x

  2. I've been thinking about this image all day.
    I didn't realize it was the moon until I looked at it again!

    One year we'll get proper trees. And I'll stop buying my ornaments at dollarama ;)

  3. Andrea - Thank you for the kind words! I had to practically lay on the grass to get this angle, but i'm glad it worked out.

    Andi - Thanks :)

    Elizabeth - Glad you like it!

    SH - Yes! It is the moon! Neat, right? / Dollarama has some good things sometimes eh? Hahaha... too funny.

    Amy - Me too :)

  4. this photos is so simple and so beautiful :)