Can you believe it's officially December 1st?

While i'm not really finding myself into the Christmas spirit quite yet, I have started to think about how I want to trim the tree this year and purchased some pretty Rifle Paper Co. postcards to send out to family and friends. I need to sit down and make my Christmas to-do list including what gifts to buy early and having a special night of wrapping, drinking peppermint hot chocolate and baking cookies, listening to some classic holiday tunes, and just relaxing indoors watching the snow swirl down from my window. This year i'm thinking about getting a mini, but real tree, as opposed to putting up my fake one. (Did you know that it's actually better for the environment to buy a real tree each year, rather than a using the same plastic one? That's even if you use your fake one for a few years in a row.) I really want to scent of pine to fill the air in my loft, as well as use more natural decor this year.

For a little holiday spirit here on the blog though, I was hoping to continue a tradition of something from my old blog, but i'm having some technical issues :( Hopefully I can figure it out, if not, well... let's pretend I never mentioned it, lol.

UPDATE: It's working! It's now snowing on the blog... Happy Holidays!

Are you prepping for the holidays already?

P.S. Don't you just want to inhale those chocolate chip cookies?
Photos: by Sarah Jane - Lovely Ember Photography, Mariana Powell - Nica Mom


  1. I want a small real tree too. If you get a potted one, you can plant it after Christmas, which is so much fun!

  2. i can't believe it's december already either! gorgeous photo. hopefully your tech issues will go away.

  3. however I still don't believe, at least everyone we already turned the page in the calendar over.
    the first remarkable photograph;)!

  4. That first picture is gorgeous. I'm not into the Christmas spirit yet either. I definitely need to grab a little tree, that pine scent should do the trick!

  5. That first picture is gorgeous. I'm not into the Christmas spirit yet either. I definitely need to grab a little tree, that pine scent should do the trick!

  6. Beautiful post, Daniella...

    As for trees, I adore real trees—is there anything like their scent? One thing I did last year was request three real trees, in staggering sizes for fun. They can be placed all together like a little forest or separate. (I am going to post about this, too) No one says you can only have one, right?!

    Your plans sound lovely and I cannot wait see what you will share with us...


    p.s snowflakes? I had troubles and have given up on them entirely!

  7. Such a great post Daniella! I love real trees...being as I am from Barbados none grow here but we do import them (not so good for the environment I know but I just cant resist the scent and feeling of having a real christmas tree). I love to decorate with vintage ornaments that mean something (like my great grandmother's acorns) as I find that brings the tree to life and makes it yours! Good luck with all your christmas plans they sound so cosy and lovely!

  8. Daniella - It would be nice to repot it! It's just a matter of where (I live in loft-style condos).

    Joy - Yes, hopefully I can fix it tomorrow.

    Monisia - I know! The holidays creeped up so fast!

    Jackie - Yeah, i'm taking it slow this year, no need to rush in, and with using more natural decor I feel like I can wait to decorate. I don't want to go to crazy this year! lol...

    Sarah - I've never actually had a real one. After learning that little fact about real vs. fake I think i'm going to go real from now on. Can't wait to find a little one...

    Kimberly - Oh wow, you'd definitely have to import them then! lol... there is something about a real Christmas tree though, I agree. Decorating with acorns sounds so cute!

  9. i feel panicked that it's already december! not enough time to get it all together, always last minute, that is me. :)

    love that first photo so much. and your relaxed attitude. i need to adopt it.

  10. Yes, I DO want to inhale those cookies! I haven't pulled out my Christmas stuff just yet, either. I'm actually debating not putting a tree up at all this year. I still want some lights and magic around the house, but the tree just seems like so much work.

    I know that people have a thing against fake trees, being that they don't exactly just "go away" in the landfills. But growing trees requires tons of chemicals and pesticides that drain into the water of surrounding land. I know this because I live in the midst of Christmas tree country. I wish there were a better way. We can send men to the moon, but we can't seem to grow trees without chemicals? Neither option is really a great one. I really wish that someone would figure out a better way. Where's Santa when you really need him?

  11. I've been ready for the holidays since Halloween (it snowed here in NYC and just got me in the mood). I definitely need to buy holiday cards and a peppermint mocha, but I'm mostly looking forward to being home with my family. :)

  12. I have to say I haven't been in much of a Christmas mood lately. I have a lot going in my life and I think its taken away from the holiday mood. Hopefully it will get better. I did pick up a white four foot tree for my townhouse. My 6yr old and I got two new kittens and was advised on getting a baby proof tree (small and non-glass ornaments) till they get out of the kitty stage. Its been climbed and turned over 5 times so far. LoL Glad I took the vets advise! Well I hope everyone else have a fun Christmas and maybe we will all start getting into the Christmas mood soon....

  13. we're getting our tree on sunday and i can't even wait. it's so unlike me!

  14. Hey! Super love your blog and everything on it! ;D Love the pictures! I'm not into Christmas spirit either... ;(

  15. Kitchu - I'm not always relaxed! lol... but i'm trying to really focus on that this year and just let things happen... slowly take my time to gear up for the holidays.

    Miz November - Yes, the idea that you get a tree from the many organic farms around, but either way it's still the better choice of the two. I was just at a tree farm yesterday, it was lovely!

    Deanna - Wow, you're definitely ready then! Peppermint mocha is a must around this time of year.

    Andi - Have fun!

    Ocean... - lol, kittens are so fun. I remember when Miley was a kitten, she was pretty curious about the tree at first, but I just hung up the more dangly ornaments at the top. She's not much of a jumper, but liked to chew on things in her reach, lol...

    Amy - Getting a tree is so exciting though! I was just at a tee farm yesterday taking some pics, and all the family were so excited.

    Flutterhappy - Thank you! I feel like once it gets a little closer and i've been to a few holiday things i'll feel more like it's christmas, lol...

    Alexandria - Isn't the first with the blurred tree amazing? What a pretty shot to capture, eh?

  16. I got a little real tree this year and I am so happy about it. It was pretty inexpensive, and the tree lot let me have a ton of loose pine branches that had been trimmed from other trees - I have bundled them up and tied them with red ribbons, and they are making my tiny apartment smell fantastic.

  17. I'm looking forward to when we get the christmas tree - that is the best thing about christmas! :-)

  18. Lovely post and pictures. Real trees are the best, I am so looking forward being home in the northern hemisphere as real tree smell+ a fire burning+ cooking and cheesy times= ideal. Tinsel on a lemon tree here in NZ is just not the same :)

  19. i am in full holiday mode! while it's hard to believe that december is already here i'm embracing it because this month is going to FLY by. hope you had a great weekend!

  20. hi! i came across to your blog and i tell you i fell in love with all those amazing pictures!! you have great blog really!!!! and i'm happy to be your follower :)
    i'm excited for christmas too.. specially for my baby!!!
    take care and happy monday.
    greetings from italy. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  21. Beautiful photos. I grew up with a plastic Christmas tree and insist now on having a real one!