the best part...

Even though I had my fair share of turkey dinner (and leftovers), I still kind of want some more Christmas dinner tonight. It's just so good! Turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce, fresh bread and butter... all the classics totally worth indulging in.

What are some of your traditional dishes for Christmas?

Photos: My own, from film.


  1. My fiancé and I are still trying to master sharing family holidays without wearing ourselves out... so as of now, we do Christmas morning with my parents and have a french toast casserole (amazing!), we have lunch with his mom and grandmother eating ham and manicotti, and then dinner with his father's side eating veal cutlets and meat ravioli with cappeletti soup. Needless to say, we are STUFFED by the end of the day of wonderful Italian food!

  2. always the Plum Cake :) yumm mum likes it a lot wishing you a gorgeous new year =)

  3. We always have a mixture of traditional Polish dishes (like bigos), things we've adopted (like potato salad), fresh fruit & of course, cake :)

  4. I like the traditional basics like honeybaked ham, dressing, green beans....so good!

  5. Love these images of Christmas dinner!

    Happy New Year!