Recently, a few readers emailed me to ask what kind of camera i'm using for my own film photography, so I thought i'd do a little introduction...

My film camera (35mm) is a Yashica FX-3 that my Dad purchased in the 70's. The other day when my Mom was helping me take some photos she mentioned she remembers when my Dad first bought the camera. Apparently, he was taking forever and she thought they'd never get out of the camera shop. That's just like my Dad to research every last one before purchasing.

He took the Yashica FX-3 with him when he travelled, hence the beautiful little fold-out trinket he picked up in Switzerland. As a kid I thought this was one of the neatest little items i'd ever seen (still do). Its miniature size and worn pages makes it look all the more whimsical (much better than an airport shot glass, right?). And so it remains, attached to the camera strap. Then, when I headed off to college, one of the requirements was to bring a manual 35mm film camera for our photography class. The Yashica had it's ups and downs mechanically, but we had it fixed up at the same shop my Dad bought it from all these years later, and even though I just came across it again in the last couple months, it's still working wonderfully!

I'm in the middle of learning manual photography all over again, as I just signed up for Amanda's Shoot by Design photography course which started today (great so far!). The funny thing though, is that I find when I have this camera out in public snapping photos, people think i'm far more experienced than I really am, lol. When I was taking pictures in a bakery with the Yashica, the employee offered to take items out of the case for me to shoot specifically, but when I was there with my digital camera, I was pretty much in the way. Interesting, isn't it? I think there's still a lot of merit to film.

Do you shoot with a manual camera?

Photos: My own


  1. These are great and that's a fabulous lens you have on this beauty! I shoot manual on my DSLR but there are times when I crave my film camera for sure...Enjoy your class! Sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks Kinga! I'm just thinking now seeing all that dust on it that I should probably have it cleaned up, lol...

  3. What great pics! I have such admiration for people who shoot with manuals. The true photogs!!!

  4. Hi there!
    I've been a silent reader till now, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your photos that you take with your manual camera!
    I am also learning to use an old camera myself (Kiev 4), it's from 1965, my Mom used to carry it around during her school days.
    Hope you we will see even more photos after the course! (btw. do you have Flickr account by any chance?)

  5. Thanks Andi! I also admire someone who just knows which manual settings will be perfect for the light they have. And with film I feel like there's so many factors, so it's a great talent to have! I'm still learning! lol...

    Pati - Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I'm glad to hear you like my film photos! That's eventually my goal, to just have only my own photos here on the blog. Since it takes longer to access the photos, having to get the film developed, I feel like I wouldn't be blogging everyday though, not sure if that's a good or bad thing! lol... Anyway hopefully the course will help!

    I haven't heard of a KIev before, but from 1965? That sounds super cool! Have fun with it! It's always nice too when it belonged to someone in your family.

    I am on flickr, I don't have too much uploaded quite yet, but here's the link:


  6. i sadly broke my manual cannon a few years ago. and they told me to replace the tiny piece would actually cost as much as buying a digital. it was so sad!

  7. What a sweet camera with history!! I'm taking photo courses also and it is so much fun. I don't want it to end! Now I have to check out that Shoot by Design course. Have a great day!

    Kristin xx

  8. Oh that's great daniella! Your photos are really looking so lovely these days! Glad you're enjoying it!

    Let's do a photoshoot!

  9. That IS interesting, indeed! I find that, too, if you have a massive lens on your digital vs. a regular lens, the same thing... crazy, crazy!

  10. beautiful camera:) i love film and the feel of a heavy slr in my hands.

    i've added you on flickr btw:)

  11. Hi Daniella- I'm catching up on your beautiful blog after my wedding "vacation." Your pictures seem to get more incredible with each post. I'm curious- where do you develop your film?

  12. Thanks Elizabeth! Congrats on your wedding :) I've just been getting my film developed at Shoppers Drug Mart, super quick and it's only about $3.