wedding wednesday {no.13}...

A few Sundays ago I decided to have a trial run for make-up. I wasn't too keen on a lot of the make-up artists work that i'd seen so far... i'm very light and natural with my day-to-day look, using only mineral powder, blush, and mascara, so all the heavy layered-on looks just aren't my thing. I can have a bit of a dark under-eye though, so I was really hoping to work with a professional to brighten my eyes for the day!

To avoid a heavy layer of foundation we tried out a light layer using airbrushing. Has anyone ever tried this before? It was a little awkward at first. I felt like I couldn't inhale through my nose, just in case I breathed in make-up, lol, but the final result was nice. Plus, it felt like I wasn't wearing any make-up at all. With a little extra concealer under my eye, it all blended in really well. We also tried out fake lashes, just so I could see what they'd look like, but they're definitely not for me. No matter how perfect she lined my top lid I still felt like I could see the edge of them. I'm too much of a perfectionist to not have them completely blend in.

In the end a light layer of foundation, a little blush, mascara and some charcoal liner looked best. I'm kind of excited now to get all "dolled up" for the big day now. A hair trial is definitely in the future as well...

For those of you already married, did you have your make-up professionally done for the day? Any tips?

Photo: Hannah Michelle


  1. We Indians are expected to wear a lot of makeup for our weddings. My Mummy was the minimal make-up bride when she got married. She tells me that she got a professional to blend in the foundation base and concealor. The rest she (mascara, kohl, blush, eye shadow) she did herself! As she puts it, "Who knows my face better than me!"

  2. how fun to try the airbrushing! i've always wanted to do that. i had my makeup done for my wedding my a friend and i'm glad i did because i don't think i could have pulled it together to do it myself the day of!

  3. Funny you should ask...I had a make up trial and went home feeling like I was wearing a mask. Even after I told the lady I don't usually wear make-up...She super-lined my lips to make them look "fuller" and also drew me new eyebrows "so you could see them in photos"...LOL. Needless to say I cancelled the appointment and one of my bridesmaids did my makeup. The airbrushing sounds like fun though!

  4. Effervescencia - That is a great idea too, if you want more of a professionally applied base and then you do the extra stuff yourself. It's true, everyone does know their own face the best!

    Amy - It was such a nice, light layer you know? It lasted quite a while as well. I think it'll be fun to have all our makeup done together the day of... sort of a nice girly thing to do the day of.

    Kinga - YES, that's all i've been seeing around here! So many of the portfolio's I saw online were just awful. When does anyone line their eyebrows or lips any more? lol... The girl I found was really good, she was also really nice about things I didn't like... like the lipgloss she tried on me was too purply-pink, I told her i'd rather use something close to what I wear everyday. We also tried three different ways to line my eyes... the more natural look won!

  5. I did smokey eyes, because I knew my lipstick would come off quickly and I knew I'd be kissing my hubby and guests so I thought it best to play up the eyes.

  6. I just got married in October, and I used a make-up artist. I am a minimal make-up wearer myself, but it was my big day and I wanted to get pampered.

    Thankfully I hired one because I had my eyebrows threaded a week before my wedding and completely broke out in the area above my brows. I was in a panic, but my make-up artist was able to make the pimples barely noticeable with airbrushing. I think the most important thing is to do the trial and do your research on the artist's reviews.

    P.S.- I love your blog! I like to read it on Saturday mornings as I drink my latte. It makes me feel serene and happy :)

  7. Hello! Love your blog...
    I'm not married but about the eyelashes... I just got eyelash extensions done. They are very natural looking as they actually individually stick lashes onto your natural ones. SO much better than fakies! Beautiful :)
    xx Lydia

  8. Did you use an eyelash curler? I recommend it, definitely, and even suggest heating it with a hairdryer for about 10 seconds. This, plus waterproof mascara might just be the magic touch!