wedding wednesday {no.11}...

This past Saturday I went to three different appointments with a few florists to talk about flowers for our wedding day. It was definitely worth visiting all three, as I certainly got a different vibe from each place, and a good idea regarding pricing.

For the bridesmaids' bouquets, my own, as well as our centrepieces, I'm looking for something very loose and elegantly gathered - not at all structured! I want the bouquets to be a hand-tied mix of white and cream blooms, with just a hint of lavender (colour). I'm also planning on including a lot of different greenery to keep them looking natural. Think romantic wildflowers... freshly picked from the garden... (you can see my Just Flowers inspiration board here).

The first place I went to was a little bit awkward. The florist didn't seem to warm up to us in the beginning, but as the conversation got rolling, things seemed to get better. They have a lot of experience in the area of our venue and seemed to really understand what I was looking for. I was a little hesitant though after learning that the mockup I'd see would be in silk flowers, not real ones. Not exactly how I was envisioning working with a florist...

The second appointment was disappointing. The woman who sat down with us was unfortunately quite rude. I thought it was pretty odd considering I'm there as potential business. I actually think I got an eye-roll when I asked to see the size of a vase she mentioned. Then she repeated three times that she was my wedding consultant (on commission?). She also didn't know our venue that well, and her price was double the amount as the other florists for the same thing! I immediately crossed her off the list...

The third appointment however, was a charm, as it was a last-minute consultation I scheduled on the way back to my hometown, and the one I officially booked! The gentleman was extremely friendly, showed me all different kinds of flowers I could incorporate, as well as what would be better options for the season. He listened to all my ideas and later in the Spring I'm able to book an appointment to come in a pick exactly what flowers I'd like. All in all, the appointment was a lot of fun and I'm feeling pretty confident about our choice!

And one more thing... he also arranged the flowers for my parent's wedding almost 30 years ago! Isn't it funny the way things work out sometimes?

Photo: My own, from film.


  1. I have had a few similar experiences with extremely poor customer service recently. I don't understand where some people get the idea that they're doing YOU a favor when you're their customer.

    I'm glad you found someone you liked! I love your inspiration board and can't wait to see it all come together

  2. Jacquelyn - I know right? I wasn't asking for anything crazy either. It was like I was bothering her. I forgot to mention too, this same florist didn't return my email for 3 weeks to confirm a time, when I finally had to call them up the week before they acted all non-chalant, like it was no big deal no one replied to my email. Insane, lol.

    I'm glad I found someone way better!

  3. that is such a great story that he also did your parent's flowers! how cute!

  4. I love the flower inspiration boards! There is one that you pinned from Style Me Pretty that looks so elegant indoors and yet so natural outdoors. It has those white & cream colours with a hint of lavender and greenery to keep it looking like a wild flower bouquet. If I were to ever get married I would like the same colour scheme but if possible use lilacs for the hint of colour & the smell! :)

    Glad you found a florist! Also, how cute/ironic is it that it's the same one who created your parents flowers?! Great story!

  5. Daniella,

    I got this a couple of times planning our wedding. Especially since I was looking to plan in less than a year (the new norm for weddings?). I remember being at a boutique for my dress - looking potentially for a sample since I didn't have the minimum 8 months that most orders require and the consultant actually asked me what was wrong with me - why hadn't I given myself more time to plan. I shut her down immediately, telling her that although my wedding was important, I refused to put my entire life on hold for it.
    I actually found a beautiful hand-made, all-duponi silk dress that was the most comfortable one I had ever tried on. It was much better quality than anything I would've ordered and made right her in Canada (so many are now made overseas). So I guess that was a blessing in disguise?

    My floral consultants were super cool. Their main point? Get flowers that are in season - you can keep your costs way down by using what's available. Sure you can have peonies in December - but it'll cost you! We used peonies (luckily in season in early June) and weren't too picky about the colour and we got a lot done for a decent price.

    Glad you found your guy!

  6. Amy - Yes, it worked out well!

    Karyn - That's the picture I printed out for my appointments! I LOVE that bouquet. Apaprently it's hard to not have the lavender wilt... so we'll see! I love the look though...

    Maria - Isn't it so crazy what some sales people will come out with? Like really? lol. Glad you found such a great dress though! I'm hearing the same things about flowers... I think all the ones I like will work out though!

  7. New follower here. Can't wait to read your posts.


    Michelle :)

  8. How serendipitous! It's fate.

    Andrea x