for the love of film {no.2}...

Today i'm excited to add Alexandria of Little Postcards to the series, as her photos capture so many different aspects of nature, each with stunning detail. They're the type of shots that just make me want to spend all my time outdoors exploring. It was hard to choose, but above are just a few of my favourite photos, and the answers to my questions below... enjoy!

First off, what kind of camera(s) do you use? Do you have a preferred brand/type of film?

I use a Pentax K1000, Polaroid Mio, Holga, Polaroid Spectra, and Polaroid Land Camera 340. I love Kodak Portra 400 film as well as Fuji Instant Film.

Your photos capture so many different aspects of nature, like the water, trees, flowers, and the sky... what inspires you the most?

Simpy put, inspiration for me hits when I'm doing things. I often feel inspired when shooting film while walking or exploring.

How do you go about setting up the perfect shot? Do you have any photography "rules" that you keep in mind?

I find it handy to check my light meter often, but honestly sometimes the imperfections that happen with shooting film turn into something quite extraordinary. To me photographs are mostly about feeling. I watch and observe a lot around me and as I do this, a shot will become apparent. It's best to not force anything, but rather enjoy the moments you're in and the photographs will come.

What would be your best tip for beginners?

Have fun with the process and shoot a lot. Don't get mixed up in what others think or self-criticize. If you love it, keep going.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

This is a great question. I am fond of photography by Uta Barth, Joel Meyerowitz, Jen Korff, Brian W. Ferry, André Kertész, Mikael Kennedy, Youngna Park, Jonathan Levitt, Xavier Encinas, Toby Glanville, Johanna Wallin and Charlotte Bland.

What would be your dream location or subject to photograph?

I believe that wherever I am is a great place to shoot film. Traveling is something I adore, but that is not always possible. Finding magic in your own town is one of the best things ever.

And lastly, which is your favourite photo you've shot so far?

I'm not sure I have one particular favourite, but I do enjoy taking photographs of the ocean often. This particular one was taken in October at Cannon Beach, Oregon when a loved one took me there as a surprise trip. I love the memory and moment attached when I view this ocean scene.

Thank you so much for participating Alexandria!


  1. Gorgeous post and interview, I want to read more now.

    That second photo is stunning.

  2. Thank you for the honor in asking me join in your series. I'm really looking forward to seeing those that follow in this film project. Happy November, Daniella!

  3. I'm a big fan of her photographs! Great interview - thanks!

  4. After following Alexandria's work for quite some time now I am not at all surprised to learn her photographs are "mostly about feeling". Visiting her blog and seeing her thoughtful words and beautiful images always brings me a moment of peace.

  5. Beautiful...especially the first and the last one.

  6. great interview! and alexandria is always an inspiration! :)

  7. thanks for featuring yet another favorite photographer i follow! this is so awesome that you are doing this. alexandria is a constant inspiration, it was nice to learn more about her :)