darker days...

This past Sunday the clocks went back one hour in an effort to "save" daylight, but considering it's pitch dark now after 5pm, I'm not too keen on the idea. Sure it's lighter in the morning, but wouldn't we all rather get home from work without the moon lighting our way? I know this happens every year, but I feel unprepared this time around for some reason... I still have candles in woodsy scents, a cozy tartan blanket, and the perfect pair of thick wooly socks to find. Evening hibernation at its best...

Photos: My own, from film
P.S. Playing around with the column width here on the blog, so I can start posting larger photos. Better I think, no?


  1. Yes, better!
    I agree, the darker at five does not really work for me either... BUT, I do love having all the canles lit, everything looks better in candlelight, have you noticed :) ?

  2. I agree - better! And also that the days are much too dark in the evening. A snuggly throw does help a little, though.

  3. This sounds quite perfect. I am so behind human hibernation. The darkness just depresses me because I'm too sleepy in the morning to recognize how bright it is anyways. Grrrr.

  4. i know i feel the same way...i wanted to go on my normal 4:30 run and it was dark already...ahh so frustrating. guess it is time to get that gym membership. :)

    though the dark evenings with candles lit, sipping on hot cider with my kitties on my lap sure is nice.

  5. ah, I even like such days... fanned with fog with darker air and the scent of cold Earth.wonderful the second photograph!

  6. Agreed! Better. I was driving to work in the dark in the morning and then driving home when it's light, but now I'm driving at sunrise and driving back at dark... not much help! It always makes me feel off... I like the idea of the warm drink and blanket though... now if only I had a porch swing to sit on!

  7. Natasha - Yes, candles are nice, that's true. That's why I definitely need to pick some up today!

    Megan - Yes, i'm dying to find a nice tartan one. It be cool if I could find one in the Forbes tartan (my Mother's side of the family).

    Joy - I know! Hahaha... i'm too sleepy to even notice it's light out also.

    Sarah - Yes, it seems a little safer to join the gym now that it's darker in the evening. Hot cider is always nice!

    Monisia - I don't mind a foggy day, in fact i'm dying to get some photos in the fog. It always seems to come with rain though, not idea for a film camera, lol...

    Rachel - Oh a porch swing in the fall would be just lovely!

  8. with it darker earlier, it just makes me want to go right to bed when i get home.

  9. ehhemm... being from Iceland (where we get 3 hours of daylight in December) I can assure you it's much better to wake up in light than to wait for it until 11 AM!!!
    Around here it's dark when you wake up and dark when you get home from work - I'd much rather have some daylight when waking up in the morning and going to work than when coming home from work (i.e. if I had to pick one instead of the other), but perhaps that's just my personal choice :)

  10. Your photos perfectly convey the feeling of this post. This time change always takes some getting used to. On the plus side, I have been waking up earlier! I just don't understand why they don't just leave the time alone.

    and yes. I like the larger photos.

  11. These are lovely and that 2nd photo is so good.