catching up...

Lately it's been go, go, go and it's finally been catching up with me. Too many things going on at once and i'm pretty exhausted, and frankly stressed. I feel like a vacation day should be in my near future! It's funny how things can go smoothly even though you're doing a lot at once, and then suddenly one thing can just totally tip you out of balance. I tend to get discouraged when this happens... possibly also because i'm in need of more sleep, lol.

What do you do to de-stress?

Photos: My own, from film


  1. I take a day off, no internet and blogging, no mobile phone, no electronic device. Just a day for yourself. Beautiful photos! :)

  2. I'm feeling stressed too although not sure why as nothing extra has been added...weird!

    But to de-stress there is nothing better than a bath or taking time out to read whatever you like.

    {love those leaf photos!}

  3. I feel the same way! Thank goodness I'm off to the beach today for 5 days.

  4. Bath + Canles + Wine + Jamie Cullum :)

    And breathing slowly, consciously.

    hope it helps *

    PD: I'll totally try "classiq" suggestion!

  5. Ada - That actually sounds like a good idea! I have an appt. next Friday morning, I might just take off the whole day as a vacation day...

    Lottie - I agree, taking some time out is necessary!

    Andi - Lucky! I'm jealous, lol...

    Silvie - Sounds like you have your combo down! lol... a day off is in my near future I think...

  6. i agree with the bath, some wine and a good book to think about something else for a while.

  7. I think you should take that day off. And do absolutely nothing productive. Nothing. Take a nice long bath. Paint your nails. Read a magazine. But only relaxing things. No planning or working or stressing. Girl, the holidays are upon us. This is no time to get stressed. Take a day to yourself and you will feel so much better afterwards. Relaxed and ready to face the world.

  8. I agree that sleep is a must after a stress-filled day! I'm looking forward to a restful and relaxing couple of weeks right after an upcoming craft show, as I find that enjoying holiday festivities and traditions can be very de-stressing. Hope you find rest and peace this week!

    Katherine @ thistle handmade

  9. I don't do enough to de-stress. I could use a few tips myself!

  10. I go for long walks in the park/farm just around the corner from my house and spend long moments staring at the frolicking lambs in the fields...

    Andrea x

  11. i often feel like life, at least right now, is just one giant juggling act and i am constantly fighting to keep up! de-stress involves hikes with the cameras in tow, running, or putting my feet up with a good book :)
    i don't do any of the above nearly enough!