above & below...

Two things I often find myself taking photos of are tree tops and the forest floor. Not really sure why, except that I like capturing what's overhead and what we walk right by. Plus, how could you walk right by a pretty patch of pale green moss and not take a photo?

What do you often find yourself photographing?

Photos: My own, from film


  1. Love the photos! Wish I had a good camera to take photos with! In the summer I will find myself starring at the treetops watching the sun shine through the leaves...so pretty!

    - Elle

  2. I am like you always taking photos of tree tops and anything else in the sky, high above: roof tops, spires; and sometimes just the sky.

    And you are right that moss was definitely worth taking a photo of!

  3. My husband rolls his eyes at me because I can hardly walk past a fuzzy clump of moss without bending down to touch it.
    I was just going through my photos yesterday in preparation for a much needed scrap-booking session. Apparently, I spend most of my lens time on flowers, leaves and sky. Maybe a little too much!

  4. Elle - Thanks! Yes, capturing the sun shining through the leaves is always pretty...

    Lottie - I love just sky photos! I spent a summer collecting all kinds of shots with my iPhone. I should remember to take more on film too.

    Miz.November - How could you not touch it though? lol... It's such a neat little plant. I don't think you could ever take too many pics of nature! The seasons change so fast that there's always something different to capture.

  5. I'm really enjoying that you're using a lot of your own photos lately! Especially that they're film! I knew of your appreciation for art and design and photography, but I think you're quite talented yourself :)

  6. Andrea - Aw, thank you! That means a lot coming from a photographer like yourself! I'm enjoying this way of blogging much more... love shooting film!

  7. These are wonderful and I completely understand. I think I'm obsessed with taking Autumn photos lately. The next roll of film I think is entirely of leaves and trees.