wedding wednesday {no.8} pt.2... our engagement photos!

These final photos were taken where Rick orignally proposed. It was important for us to go back there and get a few shots, as it looks totally different in the Summer! Back in May it was just a rolling, grassy (and rainy) hill, where as in August, the grass was up to our waists with wildflowers all around. I'm thankful to Amanda and Natalie for practically crawling around in the bushes to take photos! By the time we arrived to this second spot it was super hot out, with the sun shining strong, so I have to thank Rick as well for putting up with us girls... "Just oneeee more shot!". They turned out beautiful though, i'm so glad we were able to go back there. Thanks again girls!

Hope you all liked the shoot...

Rick's shirt & pants: Banana Republic
My dress: H&M, Shoes: ALDO
Earrings: Pearls, a Christmas gift from Rick


  1. It was my pleasure! Honestly Daniella, it was so much fun! And SO great to shoot along side Natalie!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a great location, and the photos are perfect! I love all the beautiful candid moments. It all seems so peaceful and serene.

    - Elle

  3. These are gorgeous Daniella! Love them! :)

  4. London Bakes - Thank you!

    Amanda - It was fun! You and Nat made a great team! :)

    Elle - It's a really beautiful spot! It's an unkept path as well, so while there's a sign up at the entrance, it's very wild and grows how it pleases!

  5. Just beautiful, Daniella. I love these photo's and you both look so happy. It's exciting times and I look forward to all your wedding posts.

    Kel x

  6. What a totally dreamy spot, so perfect, you both look gorgeous.

  7. So simple, so relaxed, so beautiful.

  8. So very sweet and beautiful.. I imagine you two sitting with a child or two, one day, pointing at the photos and saying ... And this is where Daddy proposed :)

  9. Kellie - Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying all the wedding posts :)

    DJ - Thank you! It really is a beautiful area!

    Jessica - Thanks!

    Karyn - Thank you!

    aBroad - Aw, that's a nice thought. That's very sweet of you! Thank you!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations again! xx

  11. Soooo beautiful! Love the place you picked to shoot in.

  12. OMG these pictures are adorable!!! Love them all!!!

  13. These are also so beautiful! Love the locations you chose for the photo shoot. Especially this one, as it holds such special memories. :)

  14. These are incredibly special! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  15. So sweet - I love that the shoot was right where he proposed!