wedding wednesday {no.8} pt.1... our engagement photos!

Today is an extra special 'Wedding Wednesday', as i'm very excited to share Rick and I's engagement photos! On what started as a rainy day (appropriate since we got engaged in the rain), two of my best girlfriends Amanda and Natalie snapped these wonderful moments for us!

I'm so happy our friends were able to shoot our engagement photos for us. It really made the whole process that much more fun and ultimately personal, plus it all turned out so well! We started the process with a Pinterest board, gathering photos we admired and poses we liked, and created a little vintage picnic theme. The blue bridal book was my Mother's wedding planner (cute, right?), Rick's vintage hat and shoes are his Dad's, and the vintage camera and picnic basket are my own that I picked up from an antique shop a few years ago. It was great to incorporate so many things we already owned or were able to borrow.

This part of the shoot was taken in a nearby town under the "Kissing Bridge", which is basically a covered bridge over the river, that looks like a large red barn. It's a beautiful spot. There's a few small houses nearby, like the stone cottage in the first photo, and one of the owners actually came outside to ask "What did she say?!", lol... I said yes, of course! It was so fun getting all dressed up with Rick, laughing and joking around with our friends, and as the day went on the sun only got brighter and brighter...

Later today i'll be posting Part Two of our engagement photos (much shorter, I promise), that were taken at a second location, where Rick proposed this past May...


  1. These shots really are beautiful - the happiness in you both shines through. Congratulations!

  2. Oh you both look so in love, just gorgeous. I really love your shoes and dress, so pretty. Congratulations on the great photo's. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the last image especially. Such an exciting time for you both! xo

  4. what lovely photos!!! you two look so happy and in love. thanks for sharing your photos with us. :)

  5. Such happy photos! Love them! How nice was it to have friends do such a great job?! I love how even though it was well thought out it looked effortless! And those shoes! Gorgeous! Congrats to you both! :)

  6. Such pretty engagement pictures! I especially love the last picture!

  7. These are so wonderful, Daniella! You both look so happy and stunning. Love that your friends shot these photos, they look so perfect and effortless. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together! xo

  8. Gorgeous! Loving the picnic theme and those shoes....wow! the ladies did an amazing job! So much talent....Congrats again!

  9. They look gorgeous Daniella! You both look truly happy!!

    PS. I always thought that the kissing bridge would be a wonderful place to take wedding photos! Might see me there someday, lol.

    PPS. Love the shoes!

  10. Congratulations, the pictures are truly lovely.

  11. Aren't you guys an adorable couple? These shots are really great. You are lucky to have such talented friends to do your photos. And, girl...what a gorgeous smile you have!

  12. wow, these are awesome:) best wishes!

  13. So beautiful Daniella- I adore the black and white ones...so so happy for you. xo

  14. what gorgeous photographs!! you two look so incredibly happy together. thank you for sharing!!


  15. These are so sweet! I love the picnic theme.

  16. beautiful photos. fantastic shoes!

  17. They turned out so well! You are such a beautiful couple :)

  18. Will - Thank you! That means a lot!

    Budhafulkat - Thank you :)

    Designwali - Thank you as well!

    DJ - Thank you so much, i'm glad you like them! I found that dress totally last minute for the shoot, it all worked out! lol...

    Len of Love - Thanks!

    Debby - I like that one a lot too, we were both laughing at some awkward pose I think, lol... it was a fun day.

    Bre - Aw, thank you! Happy to share!

    Karyn - I know, they did such a great job! It all turned out so well :)

    Jessica - Aw, thank you!

    Jen- Thank you :)

    Samia - Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like them :)

    Kinga - The girls did a great job! And had to narrow them all down from like 900! lol... I love them!

    Britt - Thanks so much! It's the perfect spot, you should totally keep it in mind! The shoes are from ALDO!

    Serene Life for Me - Thank you!

    Miz.November - Aw thank you! That's so sweet, glad you liked them and yes, Nat and Amanda did a great job!

    Sarah - Thank you!

    Christine - I really like the black and white's too, the silhouettes turned out great. Thank you!

    Daily Cup of Couture - Thank you, happy to share!

    Jamie - I love the picnic theme too! I don't even think we considered anything else, lol. We always go on picnics, so it totally worked!

    Amy - Thank you! Shoes are from ALDO.

    Andrea - They did! I'm really happy with them. Glad you like them!

  19. Daniella! Had to comment on Part 1 as it has my fave pic of the lot - the B&W shot with your knee bent. So romantic and classic! You look so happy together :)

  20. Wow Daniella, these are absolutely beautiful! Great to put a face to name too :)

  21. Super congrats -- these photos will be treasured forever I'm sure. GORGEOUS!!!

  22. These are so beautiful, Daniella! What a happy couple! :)