wedding wednesday {no.10}...

The other day I started thinking about what music we'd like to have during our ceremony. There is access to a sound system at our venue, but frankly the idea of having someone set it up and play songs at exactly the right time is way too nerve-racking. Rick agreed it probably wasn't the best plan. Someone had suggested a few different live options instead, and after some research we've decided to go with a string duo! Surprisingly, it's not as expensive as we thought it might have been. A violinist and cellist will play some light classical music before our ceremony as our guests arrive and then 2 - 3 songs during the ceremony (processional, signing, recessional). I think it'll be a nice touch while people are waiting, and it all fits in perfectly with our historical venue.

The one big surprise however, is walking back down the aisle to bagpipes! It was my Mother's only request with my Granda not being with us anymore, and as loud and crazy as they are, my parents also had them at their wedding, so it seems like a good tradition to continue. I secretly think it will also be a little funny to see the shocked looks on our guests faces, lol. With the majority being Italian (My Dad, and both Rick's parents side of the family), it'll be a fun surprise, but also a really nice surprise for my Granny and Scottish relatives who will be joining us from Glasgow. Our piper will also play a little bit as we gather outside just before pictures... something i'm sure the neighbourhood will love, ha!

Photo: Infaerina - Michael Johnson, on Flickr


  1. Cool! I wonder if you got the same people we had. lol. :) I'm sure it will be very pretty!

  2. Such a great tradition to keep!



  3. What a great idea! I have yet to attend a wedding that had a violinist... or bagpipes for that matter.

  4. yes I had a string quartet at my wedding ceremony! It was always my dream to walk down the aisle to Canon in D, and one top I give brides is - live those 'dreams' you have to the fullest! I was nervous that it would cost an arm and a leg (and most companies did) but then I found Vivace String Quartet who cost half what most companies were quoting and on the wedding day... were prompt, professional, and AMAZING! And hearing a quartet beautifully play my song as I walked down the aisle to my love... priceless.

  5. I think it's a great idea! You're honouring your family traditions and also giving everyone a nice surprise. I can just imagine all the smiles that will come across their faces as you walk back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs. We surprised our guests for our wedding dance. Instead of a slow traditional dance we cranked up the Beatles! We laughed all the way through.

  6. Nothing like the pipes! We've had them (sadly) at two family funerals recently..but you have to love how that music moves you!

  7. How absolutely lovely! I think it's so important to keep a couple traditions.

  8. Awww...the bagpipes make me weepy! There is something about the music that cuts to my soul! How wonderful and it WILL be an unexpected surprise! There won't be a dry eye in the house! My gran and my aunt wore traditional Transylvanian dresses at my wedding and it was really special to me...to have something so traditional!

  9. my sister and i both had an irish band play traditional irish tunes before and after our weddings as my family is definitely into our irish heritage. it was really fun. and special.

  10. i know it's such an unfashionable word, but "swoon" is the most appropriate word for how i felt when i read "bagpipes".
    how beautiful. makes me teary just thinking.
    gah! i loved our strings at our wedding. we had non-traditional music {opera} for the ceremony, and the guests raved. your guests i'm sure will just gush over what you have in store!!

  11. Amanda - We are booking with Duo D'Amore!

    Plum Pretty - I think so!

    Sandi - Ha! I knew you'd like that part, lol...

    Brittany - It'll be quite the arrangement, lol...

    Shal - I was thinking of Canon in D as well, but not totally sure yet. Glad it turned out so well for you!

    Lucent- It will definitely be entertaining! The Beatles are a great choice too, how fun!

    Jacqueline - Yes, they definitely have a "statement" quality about them.

    Andi - Agreed!

    Kinga - I know! I think it'll be really fun, seeing everyone's face will be interesting, lol... That's so great that they wore special dresses. If my cousin comes from Scotland he's planning on wearing full gear - kilt, sash, and all!

    Amy - Aw, that is special!

    Katie - I still like swoon, lol. Thank you! Opera is a great choice as well!

  12. Sounds very lovely! "lakme flower duet" would be a beautiful song for a wedding :)