october favourite...

As promised, I thought i'd post some of the photos I took while my Mother made apple pie this past weekend. Using my film camera I took about 25 photos, but with my digital camera as a back up I took over 200 – way too many! Plus, I really only ended up liking a few of the photos from my digital camera (can you guess which one I used above?).

Even with the small amount of carefully arranged photos I took on film (i.e. making my Mother pause every few minutes so I could actually focus and snap a shot, lol...), I still like the results of film better. There's something more honest and authentic about the way film captures light. Sure, most of these shots are probably underexposed and what-not, but compared to my digital photos I think these ones serve the pie-making tradition that much more.

Our apples came fresh from the farm that morning (along with the Cortlands I picked last week), and with dough from scratch, a little brown sugar with cinnamon, and a simple egg wash to coat, the apple pies were a huge hit after turkey dinner! I love October.

Do you have any family pie recipes?

Photos: My own, from film... minus the egg. Did you guess right?


  1. Not for pie, but for apple muffins! http://karynmckinnon.com/blog/?p=138

  2. Some great photos! Would Love you to do a guest post on fall on my blog! You are such an inspiration. I used to live in TO (I went to Ryerson) until 1 year ago when I moved back home to Barbados. I miss fall terribly as It was one of my favourite seasons. Let me know if its possible..If not I totally understand!

  3. Beautiful photos!! The pie looks delicious :) And Brantwood Farms! I remember going there as a kid; makes me miss home!

  4. Daniella! Film is my first love - I miss those days spent in darkrooms developing and printing my own photos. I agree with you totally about the quality. There's just nothing like it. Great job on these! They're gorgeous!

  5. I swear, I have been working up a post in my head about how I still love a 35mm. I took lots of pics last Saturday with both of my cameras (some digitals are posted right now). I had forgotten how much more beautiful everything looks through the lens of my 35mm. It's just so hard to get them developed around here anymore. That really breaks my heart, because I, too, prefer a good old fashioned film.

  6. Nicely done Daniella! I think you've totally remembered everything from photography class! :)

  7. Karyn - Those muffins look good!

    Kimberly - I'll a little behind on guest posts I still owe, lol... but I could do something short and sweet for you! Just send me an email... dzitella(at)gmail(dot)com

    Brittany - No way! Where were you living, in Brantford? That's where my parents are!

    Ally - Ah, I wish I could develop my own! I get them scanned to cd though which is super handy... glad you like them!

    Amy - They was good!

    Miz.November - That's so funny! I will have to pop by your blog. It's true it's a bit harder to find a place that will develop nowadays, i'm still going to Shoppers Drug Mart. I'd like to get them done at this little local place, but they charge 3 times as much :(

  8. Such beautiful photos! I've always been such a big fan of your blog(s)!

  9. Amanda - Thanks! They turned out ok, eh? I'm loving it! I just wish the old guy at Shoppers would stop commenting every time I drop off film, lol...

    Pennyrounds - Thank you! Glad you're enjoying my new blog too :)

  10. Really great and inspiring blog!U have a new follower:)

  11. This really clean, bright film! What kind were you using?

  12. Bonjour - Thanks for following!

    Sarah - I used a Fuji film, Xtra400, here's the link with more info! I used a Kodak400 before but it's too red, I like the blue tones better :)



    I am definitely linking this to my weekly finds :)