a love for nutella...

As soon as I saw this photo by Andrea on Flickr, I had to share it. When I was younger my Mother went to visit family in Scotland (all of my Mother's side of the family still lives there). My Dad packed our lunches instead of course, and we got Nutella on crackers for a week straight! It's his favourite on toast or any kind of bread, so it's not that surprising that it ended up in our lunch. There was also the time we went to Italy together just before college, and like in the photo above, I collected quite a few Nutella glasses after we quickly emptied each jar. The European glass jars are much more effective that our plastic, aluminum sealed ones, which my Dad accidentally microwaved one day – sparks and smoke included, lol. It had been placed in the fridge, making it too hard to spread.

Some have baked goods, heirloom vegetables, or Sunday night roasts... but Nutella will always be a family favourite...


  1. totally our family favourite too!

  2. I. Love. Nutella! I recently ate an AMAZING banana/nutella crepe at IHOP and now I can't stop thinking about it...

  3. How lucky am I ?
    The quit selling peanut butter in Buenos Aires but they have jars and jars of Nutella in all the stores.
    I have been known to just stick a spoonful in my mouth after dinner... best dessert :)

  4. the love for Nutella will unite the world!
    Sara C.

  5. Our French clients love Nutella so when they visit us at their property here in Scotland, we buy it for breakfast... and I become addicted! The best bit about the glass jars is keeping them to reuse as drinks or dessert glasses! :)

  6. I love love love Nutella - in Italy, they even have Nutella cookbooks.

    Andrea x

  7. OMG!!! That's so amazing!! <3 I'm glad I found your blog and that my picture represents a bit of your childhood!!! I really do prefer Nutella on crackers than bread :D
    I could eat it forever!!

  8. Oh, i'm so glad you popped by Andrea! It really is a great photo, and sparks some great memories for me as well! lol... Thanks for stopping by :)