notes from the weekend...

Good morning everyone... hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was oh-so-rainy and super cold, but it was spent sleeping in and shopping, with a new lip treatment from Fresh, plenty of Sephora samples, pretty things from Victoria's Secret, and a navy cable-knit sweater from Banana Republic. I also had an amazing time having high tea with a friend at the King Edward in Toronto, and many mini sweets and sandwiches later... drinks with Rick and a roasted, Sunday night, chicken dinner.

What did you get up to?

Photos: Lorena*Arance, Lorena*Arance, Tara Thayer, all from Flickr


  1. I had such a busy weekend rushing here and there and instead wished I had stayed in the house where these pictures were taken and relaxed...I think I need another weekend now so I can go and stay there and enjoy all its prettiness!

  2. My weekend was full of walking, photographing , walking and eating.
    Which means that my week will be walking, photographing and no eating :)
    Happy Monday ~

  3. ps !!
    I have a wooden headboard and I am very tempted to cover it somehow with toile.. I am in love with that look ~

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I spent mine up in Muskoka on the lake. Can still feel the burn in my arms from a canoe ride we took :)

  5. I had a great weekend. I even had time to make american pancakes with mable syrup for Sunday breakfast(first time, I'm not American). Seems like you had a wonderful weekend too!!

    Kristin xo

  6. Oh wow, your weekend sounds fab...high tea...yes please.

    Loving the photo's too.

  7. sounds like such a lovely weekend! Mine was spent on a trip down to Southern California and unpacking many wedding presents :)


  8. Lottie - You should take this weekend to relax! I have nothing planned for this upcoming one... rare!

    Amy - Me too... it'd be so easy to change up whenever you please too...

    aBroad - lol, sounds like a good one though!

    Brittany - Ohhhh so jealous! It's been ages since i've been up there!

    Kristin - That's so neat that you've never made pancakes before... there always a good weekend treat!

    DJ - I LOVED high tea, we're planning on going to another place soon called "Langdon Hall", it's suppose to be even more glamorous...

    Lill - Always a good choice :)

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous collection of photographs!

  10. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Mine was a little too busy, as usual!