Confession: I don't really like mushrooms. At all. Not unless my Grama cooks them covered in olive oil with peas and herbs, and even then they're usually button mushrooms. But this Mushroom Foraging video by Carl Pendle has a naturally peaceful quality about it that I think is pretty fascinating. It doesn't get any fresher than finding and cooking produce straight from the wild... seems like a little luxury really, doesn't it?

Video: By Carl Pendle on Vimeo, found via Kinfolk Magazine Blog


  1. Mushrooms steeped in white wine, and served in creamy pasta are pure perfection. You must try.

    Andrea x

  2. Thanks so much for posting my video. That was very kind of you.
    I also have a confession. I don't like mushrooms either but these wild ones did taste amazing.

  3. I am the opposite .. I love mushrooms !
    I saute them with shallots and butter and toss them in salads, on the dish with potatoes and chicken, into a pasta .. They really are wonderful if you do things to them, otherwise they are just sort of blah :)

  4. Oh my...I just wrote up a post for monday's recipe on my blog about mushrooms...when I lived in Transylvania we used to go mushroom picking on a weekly basis. My mom is an expert of sorts and it used to be one of my favourite things to do with my family...we also did excursions for wild berry picking, rosehip picking and we collected fresh chamomile and mint. What a great share!

  5. I don't like mushrooms either. :) No matter how many times I've tried to like them I just can't seem to do it!

  6. Andrea - I have had a creamy mushroom mix with wine with chicken before and it was good, so I guess I like them a couple other ways than I thought, lol...

    Carl - It's a beautiful video! Loved your plum one too, thanks for commenting, so funny that you don't like mushrooms either! lol...

    aBroad - Yes, I think it's all about the seasoning and what you cook them in... the leeks in the video looked like a good way...

    Kinga - Oh my gosh, that's so neat that you used to actually go mushroom picking! Do you still know what to pick? I wonder if anyone near here organizes excursions like that, it'd be neat to go looking even though I don't love them, lol. Rick has an older family friend who's an expert, no one trusts wild mushrooms unless she's picked them out!

  7. Kendall - See for me it's more of the smell of some than the actual texture... i'm ok with the "milder" ones!

  8. You don't like mushrooms? That breaks my heart! ;) Just kidding!
    My fav mushroom recipe is crimini mushrooms sauteed in Gorgonzola cheese and spread over little toasts... so good!

  9. Britt - lol, funny you say that, as I was writing that I was like, wait a minute doesn't Britt work for some kind of Ontario Mushroom group? I bet she won't be pleased about this! lol... too funny. It is you though, right? Hope I didn't get that mixed up!

  10. I really want to learn how to forage for mushrooms! Every fall I say I am going to and I don't!