chloé locket...

Chloé is my absolute favourite fragrance. It's light, feminine, and sweet with the scent of rose amongst other flowery notes. My collection of pretty Chloé products is ever growing, including the parfum of course, the scented lotion, shower gel, and most recently... the new Chloé solid perfume in a smooth, oval locket on a long silver chain. Perfect for little "scent touch-ups" throughout the day, don't you think? Plus, once the perfume is done, it's the perfect hiding spot for photos or secret notes...

Photos: My own, from film


  1. Such lovely photos! Chloe is one of my favourites too. I really want to get that necklace :)

  2. hi!

    This post immediately grabbed my attention. Chloe is my favorite scent as well. It is un-matched in my book and nothing can compare. I certainly have frangrance mood swings and own other frangrances for certain occaisons, however when I go out shopping and it's a girlie day this is my staple. Love this solid perfume locket. thanks for sharing!


  3. I love solid perfumes - there's something deliciously old-fashioned about them.

    Andrea x

  4. Very beautiful, so feminine and chic.

  5. I love solid perfumes. I have a couple of the Marc Jacobs ones that are hidden in rings.