apple picking...

Hello everyone, sorry for the late start to the week. I had planned on sharing these photos first thing Monday morning, but my weekend ended not so well. Long story short, someone hit my car head-on on my way home Sunday night. Luckily I wasn't going that fast, so all is ok, but i'm hoping and crossing my fingers that my car can be fixed. It took me practically all of Monday to get a rental car organized...

The beginning of my weekend was much more fun though, as I finally got to go apple picking with a few friends! What started out as a chilly morning, turned into a beautiful, sunny afternoon at the orchard. I picked (and ate) plenty of Golden Delicious, as well as some Cortland apples for Thanksgiving pie this upcoming weekend. Fresh off the tree, sometimes even with a single leaf still attached, it's by far the best way to eat an apple during this time of year (of course, pie and apple crisp are acceptable too). The orchard was gorgeous, with all different kinds of apples to choose from, and plenty of other produce at their open market store. It was good to be outside, enjoying the fresh air. Taking a trip to a local farm is the perfect tradition to welcome October with open arms...

Photos: My own, from film.


  1. So sorry to hear about your accident....You must be quite shook up even though you weren't hurt...try and take it easy.. ..xv

  2. Oh so pleased you are not hurt Daniella, must have been an awful experience.

    I do love your photo's, I could handle some apple pie right now :)
    xxx DJ

  3. That's scary. Glad to hear you are ok.

  4. Sorry to hear about the accident, Daniella. Glad to hear you are ok. But the rest of the weekend sounds so lovely. Apple picking is one of my autumn traditions as well.

  5. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the accident - glad you're alright!
    Hopefully some hot cider and fresh apple crumble will make it all better ;)


  6. glad to hear you are ok! such scary experience!
    p.s. you photos are beautiful!

  7. It was so much fun!! I like that it's an annual thing now. And your photos are great!! Great little camera you got there!

  8. Vicki - Thanks. It was pretty upsetting at the time. All is ok though, as long as my car can fixed. It's just so inconvenient on top of that, you know?

    DJ - Thanks. I'm definitely ok, the beginning of my weekend was much better :) I can't wait to make apple pie soon...

    Dagmara - Thank you.

    Ada - Thank you. Yes, apple picking is a must during the Fall.

    Shar- Thank you. I am definitely up for apple cider and crumble, lol...

    Elana - Thank you. It definitely wasn't good, all is ok now, just waiting on my car being fixed. Thank you about the photos too, that means a lot coming from you!

    Amanda - I think it definitely has to be our annual thing now! It's always so fun! I have some cute pics of you and Sandi that i'll upload to Flickr soon (on private). There's more apple picking photos up there too.

  9. Oh my goodness, that's terrible! I am glad that you are alright, though. Be sure to see a chiropractor just in case -- your little back is too important :)

    As for the car, I hope that it can be fixed up and good as new. Your new car, too! Darn -- isn't that always the way? The same happened to me just six months or so after getting a new car... couldn't have happened to my old old old Jetta, noooo...

    And as for these pictures, lovely, Daniella! I love knowing that they were taken with film -- like you said, there is no "delete" along the way -- what you take and capture is IT. And this is fabulous...

  10. Bless your heart. When I worked at the shop (auto body repair-for 9 yrs!) we always told people that cars can be replaced. People can't. You always have to look at it that way. I hope everything goes well with the process. Insurance and such can be a real hassle.

  11. Une jolie visite dans ton univers.