trying something new...

Just recently I discovered my Dad's old Yashica FX-3 SLR camera that I used back when I was in college. We had a short spurt of photographic knowledge thrown at us, but I didn't really feel like I got to experiment artistically with the camera. I decided to use Miley, my little siamese kitty, as a test subject to see if the camera is still working ok... but in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea I had because she moves around. A lot. She gave me glamour eyes for about two seconds before deciding that posing for the camera was beneath her if I wasn't going to allow her to chew on the dangling strap. For some reason she really likes the smell of the camera bag as well (which results in more chewing). She's pretty cute though, right?

I'm hoping to use this medium for more of my posts. I love the quality and nostalgic feeling that film produces. For once I have to actually think about the photo i'm taking, rather than snapping off 100 shots in two minutes. I have A LOT to learn about light, and using a manual camera in general, but it's pretty fun to drop off film, excitedly awaiting the results (ok, I only waited an hour, but still)... remember that?

Photos: My own, from film


  1. These are gorgeous! And what a sweet subject...LOVE those big blue eyes!

  2. These photographs are very beautiful - I love how clearly you can make out the texture of her fur.

    And also, your cat's rather beautiful, too. :) I used to have a Siamese named Bert - they've got one of the most interesting and noticeable cat personalities, don't they?

  3. Miley is precious! My cat has blue eyes as well. Those photos are gorgeous...

  4. Thanks Kinga! She does have pretty eyes, lol...

    Melissa - They do have a such a crazy personality! Miley is super possessive and always trying to climb up me for attention, lol... and I pay attention to her all the time! She also thinks she's a dog, always chewing things!

    Tiffany - Thanks! Their blue eyes are pretty neat, such a bright colour.

  5. Cats are kind of the worst models, as mine will tell you, but I think your shots are pretty! I think film would be so fun to work with. :)

  6. These are stunning. Her eyes are so beautiful. I had a burmese cat growing up. A beautiful reunion with this camera!

  7. Stunning shots of a beautiful girl !
    As a cat lover I hope to see more of Miley . Thats how you got my attention , I was browsing on Brabourne Farm Blog.
    I miss droping off the film & the anticipation of how the shots came out.

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! I love the relaxed pace of shooting with film compared to the machine gun shooting of digital where even with 100 photos to choose from you may or may not like even one! I love the nostalgic feel film creates too & waiting for the negatives to be developed is exciting, haha! Great shots of you cat, she's a cutie!


  9. great cat. love the personality.

  10. Beautiful shots! I also adore the nostagic feeling that only film can produce.

    Camila Faria

  11. Lindsay - So true, she so pretty thought i just wanted her to model, hahaha... glad you like the pics!

    Lucent - Thanks, she has quite the personality, probably like how your Burmese cat too...

    Vicki - Thank you!

    Karyn - Oh yay, glad you found me, i'm a fan of Brabourne Farm! I'm sure Miley will appear again from time to time...

    Karyn - Agreed. I'm loving it so far... I took more photos with film this past weekend, just waiting on them so I can share...

    Amy - Thanks, she definitely has quite the personality, lol...

    Camila - Agreed!

  12. Oh my goodness! I'm so in love with your kitten she is gorgeous... Great job with these photos they are beautiful.